Gingerbread Village

Besides Christmas lights, gingerbread houses are also a favorite of mine during the holidays. When I found out that the Four Seasons Hotel in Austin also does a gingerbread village for charity, I couldn’t miss it. The Four Seasons in downtown Seattle has one annually and I thought it was unique to the Seattle hotel, but apparently it’s a tradition here in Austin as well. The last time we went to the gingerbread charity event in Seattle was 2012, right before we moved to Paris. The production there is always a big deal, with multiple tables filled with elaborate gingerbread houses, and long lines and a crowd no matter what time you go. I expected this for Austin, but I was surprised when it was quite the opposite, with just one square table and no line to wait in and clear photo shots without much human contamination in the background.

The theme this year at Austin is Wild West. Quite befitting and not surprising to me, but it makes me wonder what they’ve done in the past.

Having kept the 2012 iPhone pictures of the gingerbread village from Four Seasons Hotel in Seattle, I decided to post them to compare the production of the one from my home city to Austin’s gingerbread village. The theme in 2012 was Disney cartoons, and this is only a small sample of what was there.

I have to say I favor the production from Seattle better, but it was still nice and a joy to see the small production at Austin’s Four Season. I love the creative and intricate work of any gingerbread houses built with edibles!



3 thoughts on “Gingerbread Village

  1. Angie – Thank you for your coverage of the Gingerbread Village at Four Seasons Hotel Austin, we’re happy to hear you enjoyed it!
    To answer your question above, the theme does change annually with each incarnation having it’s own look and feel. Past themes have included “Texas” (2011), which tied into the state’s 175th anniversary and featured such edible buildings as the Alamo, State Capitol and NASA Space Center in Houston; “Austin” (2012) with the UT Tower, Broken Spoke and Salt Lick BBQ; “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” (2013); and “Candy Land” (2014). I am happy to send you photos of past houses if you are interested!
    To be honest, previous Villages have been bigger; however, we received feedback that it was difficult to get through the Lobby (especially with suitcases in tow!) so we actually had to scale it back.
    Thank you again for visiting and we hope you’ll spend the holidays with us again in the future.
    Kerri Sholly
    Public Relations Director
    Four Seasons Hotel Austin

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