Mozart’s Christmas Lights

Mozart’s Coffee Roasters, a local coffee shop in Austin puts on a choreographed music light show annually for Christmas season. It’s quite popular, and the production for such a small cafe is quite impressive. From the lighting decor to the actual music light show, Mozart’s does not disappoint. We were pleasantly surprised to see how elaborate the festive lighting and music show were, as well as how crowded it is given the light show is offered at every hour until closing.

Located on Lake Austin, the coffee-house has a huge deck and outside seating, and the whole area was packed tight with people. Despite so, we sat beneath the show area without any obstructions, and it really wasn’t that bad. Lasting for 15 minutes, it’s the best light show we’ve seen this holiday season — and it was free!

I hope you all have had your own merry light show where ever you are at. If not, I hope these pictures convey some Christmas spirit to you all! Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, everyone!



7 thoughts on “Mozart’s Christmas Lights

  1. there is nothing like a choreographed musical light show…my favorite is the midnight tchaikovsky musical light show on the neva river in st. petersburg, russia during the white nights of summer…merry christmas to you and nick…and bon chance with your next stop in montreal…

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