Settling In: Montreal

Hello everyone! Nick and I have settled in quite nicely in our new home in Montreal. After a nice short visit to our home city in Seattle, we are now on our second week in Montreal. The vibe here is mellow compared to most cities we’ve been to, but we like it. Getting around is super easy and we just love our neighborhood for our day-to-day living. We live just minutes away from downtown in between Saint Henri and Little Burgundy, and having the metro very close by helps make it easy to go anywhere within the city.

Just ten minutes away, we are near the popular Atwater Market, Montreal’s Public Market, where we purchase all of our fresh organic produce at. And a block before the market, we have two little organic vegetarian/vegan stores we shop at for all of our dried goods. Everything is so conveniently located for us, we just love it!

Atwater Market

Pure Horticulture, where we buy our organic produce. They really do have some good quality produce!

As for our living space, we have our own private entrance condo/loft, with our own private gym just steps away across the street. The condo itself is small, yet spacious because of its high ceiling. It’s the perfect size for us, and it is treating us well, tucked away in a block filled with other modern condos and lofts.

The weather here is getting even cooler, with snow off and on, though we were told this is their “milder” winter. Despite the snow, the city knows how to handle it well. They are well-equipped and we don’t have a problem walking around when there is snow and ice.

Besides being a mellow city with both French and English spoken, the city is fashion forward and has different unique neighborhoods. It’s a nice city, with very friendly people, a mix crowd, and a great vegan scene. One thing we did not know about Montreal is that it’s also artsy. The murals and street art here are something, and I’m sure I’ll have at least one mural to share with future blog posts.

Though it’s cold here, there are tons of activities indoors and outside. Montreal is filled with festivals all year round, and we’ve already attended our first one last weekend.

So far we are really liking our stay in Montreal. And to our surprise, we don’t mind the cold at all! Although it’s frigid cold, having proper gear has really helped us “trek” around the city. When it first snowed while we were here, I got giddy like a child because it was so pretty and a pleasant change from the yucky humid weather we didn’t like during our stay in Austin. The fresh brisk air is definitely nicer. It’s a change we much appreciate, and we can see us returning every year moving forward.



3 thoughts on “Settling In: Montreal

  1. Yay! Your place is so cute! I love the high ceiling. It makes everything seem much more open even with more cozy places. Do you think you’ll stay there for a longer duration than originally planned?

  2. Hello Angie,
    Thanks for sharing your experience with us. I live in France.
    I will be soon relocating to Montreal with my wife and with my 18 months old daughter.

    I wanted to ask you how much money should we expect to pay for the rent, food, daily expenses as i need to see our pockets as well and plan accordingly.

    And does there is a language barrier as i dont speak that much french. But i am fluent in English.
    Will that be okay to find the job to make a living there? I am by profession a Recruiter / Head Hunter.

    Reply me:

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