Montreal Chinatown

Chinatown in Montreal dates back to the 1860s when Chinese immigrants came to Canada to work in the mines and on railroads. We visited the city’s Chinatown in hope of finding some tropical fruits, cherimoyas in particular, but the mission failed as the fruit shop that sells the kind of fruit we were in search of has closed permanently. In spite of this, we also wanted to explore the tiny square city block of Montreal’s Chinatown. Although very small compared to other cities we’ve visited, it comes out as 3rd for largest Chinatown in Canada. And in spite of its tiny size, one can find a plethora of dim sum, dumplings, baos, bubble tea, Chinese pastries, medicine, and more while perusing the block. We wanted some vegan dumplings and baos, but none of the places we visited were vegan friendly. Nevertheless, I appreciated one of the shop’s creativity in making the baos into cute characters, such as Hello Kitty, Keroppi and other figures. That would have been fun to eat!

Produced by two local artists, this mural below was put in last summer to enhance the gateway to Chinatown. It’s great that the mural hasn’t been defaced yet, but it’s also something we’ve noticed from other murals around the city that the murals have had none to very little graffiti over the paintings. Montreal is the cleanest city we’ve seen so far when it comes to respecting street art creations, which I think is awesome. Although murals are expected to get a scribble here and there, I think the city is pretty good about cleaning it up. So far from what we’ve seen, the murals are well-done, creative, and clean.



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