Je t’aime en chocolat!

I love you Chocolate!
Last weekend Montreal held their 5th Chocolate Festival at Marche Bonsecours, a domed public market in Old Montreal. We didn’t know what to expect going, but we had no idea it was going to be so packed. A scene with hardly any space to walk through, chocolate lovers went crazy for some chocolate. I guess the addiction to those chemicals is strong!

Outside Marche Bonsecours

Besides chocolate vendors, the festival had activities and a fashion show. We did not see the fashion show, but we browsed all of the chocolate vendors. We saw a favorite vendor of ours, Jeff de bruges, which we frequented during our sojourn in Paris; however, they had none of our favorite chocolates available for purchase.

There wasn’t much else, but what we found in our opinion was the best at the festival. Essence, a local company, makes these fabulous chocolate covered ice cream and sorbet. They look like square truffles, but instead there is ice cream or sorbet inside. We bought three at first: two dark chocolate covered orange sorbets and one dark chocolate covered blackcurrant sorbet. After devouring them, we knew we had to go back for seconds — another three of blackcurrant. They were refreshing and delicious!

Nick’s holding the cassis, blackcurrant flavor.

Essence normally makes just ice creams and sorbets, but this new idea of chocolate covered ice cream and sorbet is such a great unique creation. Unfortunately, they do not have a storefront, otherwise we’d be visiting pronto. They only distribute and sell in local stores around Montreal, so we were glad to have had the pleasure to try them out! If you ever come across Essence, do give them a try! Yum.



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