Maisons de Thé

I previously mentioned how cold it is here in Montreal for winter, so lately we’ve been drinking a lot of tea to keep warm. Having visited several tea houses since being here, here are our favorites so far: Ming Tao Xuan and Camellia Sinensis.

Ming Tao Xuan

Located in Old Montreal, Ming Tao Xuan is a tea haven. Well decorated with Chinese furnishings, the vegetarian tea house is peaceful, with sounds of waterfall in the background. Besides the relaxing atmosphere, the main reason for a visit is of course for the myriad selections of fine tea. We each ordered our own pot of Japanese green tea (sencha fukumashi and kamairicha) and relaxed a while. We stayed long enough until we built up an appetite, ordering their vegetable and veggie meat steamed buns. And before we left, we purchased 100 grams of their Lychee Red Tea to go. Having read that this was their must-try tea, we decided to have this caffeine-free tea for nighttime. The lychee smell of the tea leaves is strong and tantalizing. And being a lychee lover, it makes me yearn for the fruit. Ming Tao Xuan is definitely our favorite tea house for the plethora of tea options, and we can now see why it’s a popular spot. We’ll definitely be returning again.

Old Montreal

Camellia Sinensis’ atmosphere is more intimate and somewhat romantic. We sat in a booth surrounded by other tea drinkers in a low-lit area, where we oversaw the workers prepare tea. Camellia does not have nearly as many tea options as Ming Tao Xuan, but what they have is indeed good quality tea as well. We love that some of their selections are also organic, and I just like the cozy environment.

We shared a pot of Darjeeling white tea, which was really good, paired with their vegan Japanese treats: daifuku and miso cake. It was a lovely evening spent after dinner, staying warm, which made it that much harder to leave and step out into the cold.

Montreal has many tea houses and cafes around the city. With the cold weather still around, we’ll definitely be checking out more tea shops real soon!

What’s your favorite tea or tea house?



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