Aux Vivres

Aux Vivres, to food, is the English interpretation. And we all can agree to that, right? Who doesn’t love to eat good food? We sure do. And Aux Vivres is our favorite restaurant we’ve eaten at in Montreal, located in Mont-Royal. It’s the first vegan restaurant opened since 1997. We didn’t know what to expect, being that it is the first and oldest vegan restaurant. From our experience, being first doesn’t mean it’s good, or even the best. But to our pleasant surprise, Aux Vivres may be the best. It’s the best in our book for now, and we’ve explored many of the vegetarian and vegan restaurants here so far.

With so many fantastic options to choose from Aux Vivres’ menu, they strive to use local and organic ingredients. The variety of dishes is not only impressive, but the flavor and taste is impeccable. They are consistent and their popularity is not a surprise when their food is so delicious.

Awesome mural on the way to Aux Vivres

A lot is showing on this mural, but all we could see was Michael Douglas. Remember Falling Down?

A closer look…

We first tried Aux Vivres for brunch the first weekend in town when we wanted pancakes for lunch. And boy, their organic blueberry pancakes are the best we’ve ever had. We’ve had many good vegan pancakes, but Aux Vivres tops them all. What makes them different? The vanilla cashew cream sauce that comes with it. Pour that over the pancakes and top it with maple syrup — it is divine! Yummy goodness. I can’t express how good it was. We’re officially hooked and will only go to Aux Vivres now for pancakes.

And they have fresh squeezed OJ. 🙂

Besides good brunch, Aux Vivres’ other dishes are tantalizing. As we order and wait for our food, seeing other people’s dishes had us salivating. It’s ultimate food porn and you simply can’t go wrong with any dish you order. They have a variety of wraps, burgers, soul food, and bowls that have Indian, Mediterranean, Mexican and Thai influences. It’s so hard to decide what to get, so with any restaurant I love, I tend to go back and sample their menu, just as I did in LA with Cafe Gratitude.

On our last visit for dinner, I had the Mumbai Thali: chickpea and potato curry, with paratha Indian flatbread, brown rice, salad, with mint chutney and apple-date chutney.

Nick had a similar dish, basically a wrap of my dish called Chana Sandwich. The wrap is homemade chapati, filled with the chickpea and potato curry, cilantro, and the apple-date chutney.

Amazing flavors and well-prepared, their dishes are suitable for sharing as they serve huge portions. We go in hungry and refuse to share, but I hate to admit that neither of us could finish our pancakes. They are dense, and as delicious as they are, we just couldn’t stuff it all down the hatch.

Another cool mural in the neighborhood

Aux Vivres will be seeing us regularly while we’re visiting. If you’re visiting, I highly recommend Aux Vivres. Vegan or not, I guarantee you’ll love it.



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