Sophie Sucrée

Happy Friday! I thought I would entice you all with some sweet delights to send you off to your weekend. Sophie Sucrée is Montreal’s only all vegan bakery. They have one storefront in the city, but Sophie’s baked goods can be found in other vegan places. We took the time out to visit the little bakery one Friday evening for rooibos tea — and sweets for me.

I have a thing for vegan bakeries, because I think it’s great they’re providing plant-based options for desserts, so I like to show my support. Although it’s not always the healthiest, it’s still fun to visit and see what the options are, to of course sample.

At Sophie’s, they specialize in cakes. They take orders and make beautiful wedding cakes. And they also sell cupcakes, scones, muffins, breads, tarts, cinnamon buns (aka as brioches here), various kinds of cakes, and even soups and sandwiches daily.

I went in knowing I wanted to try the cinnamon bun, so I did just that. Although delicious, it was not the tastiest cinnamon bun I’ve had.

The only thing else I had in mind was the red velvet cupcake, which I brought to-go. Unfortunately on our walk back to the metro and home, it started pouring snow. The cupcake box got wet and Nick accidentally slapped the box out of my hand. The box flipped and tumbled onto the ground. Thus, the picture of the cupcake looks less than perfect when we got home. But despite the imperfections, the cake was super scrumptious. I did not eat the frosting, so I can’t review, but I know just by touching it, it was dense and loaded with fat. And I’m not a fan for those types of frosting.

I also sampled a tiny piece of the spinach scone while at the bakery. At that moment, it tasted savory and was really delicious. Then Nick and I shared one the following day when we visited a vegan store/cafe, and Nick didn’t care for it; he felt it was too rich and tasted too much of butter. On this second try of actually eating more of it, I agreed with him and didn’t care for it so much.

Overall, I thought Sophie Sucrée baked goods we tried were good for the most part, with the red velvet cupcake sans frosting being my favorite thing I sampled there. I think the only thing I’d like to return for — whenever I’m in the mood for it — is their hot chocolate. And perhaps I’ll try another flavor of cupcake as well!



5 thoughts on “Sophie Sucrée

    • I love vegan bakeries, but I try to be good and get one or two items to try. I don’t return to the place unless I really like it to avoid the unhealthiness of it. I wish bakeries would just leave out the fat and oils so that it could be healthy.
      When we head to London next, we’ll be living on the same street, same block as a vegan bakery. So, geez. It’s both a cool thing and a bad thing. I’ve already restricted myself to an initial (welcome) visit arrive for sampling, and then afterwards I’ll only return for special occasions, such as Halloween and the holidays. 😉 I think once in a while is okay, but all the time is not a good thing. It’s better to make your own baked goods so you can control the ingredients.

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