Two Saturdays ago before going to watch a couple of shows at the planetarium, we visited a vegan grocery store and cafe for a snack. Antidote is a cool little place, with a great selection of food, juices, and desserts from Sophie Sucrée.

We perused the shop, checking out what they have. And then ordered food from the counter.

Nick ordered the BLT, made with seitan bacon, lettuce, tomato sans the house-made vegenaise. He wasn’t expecting much, but it turned out to be super delicious for him. He loved the flavor of the seitan bacon; he said it tasted more like jerk teriyaki to him. I did not taste it, but we’ll definitely be going back so maybe I’ll taste it next time.

For me, I had a whole wheat bagel sandwich with savory cashew cream cheese. I haven’t eaten a bagel in so long, so it was a nice treat. The cashew cream spread was also amazing good. I loved it. I would definitely get that again.

Antidote reminds us a little of our favorite vegan grocery store and cafe, Veganz, in Berlin. Although a lot smaller than Veganz, it’s a similar concept. It was a pleasant visit and I look forward to our next.



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