Blossoming Lotus Portland

Taking a break from Montreal today, I wanted to highlight a fantastic meal we had during our visit in the Pacific Northwest. We stopped in Portland one evening for dinner on our way to Seattle, and from our past experiences in Portland, we are liking the city more and more when it comes to vegan options. The vegan scene in Portland is far superior to Seattle at the moment, with plenty of diverse vegan options — and wonderful choices too!

We had the opportunity to try out Blossoming Lotus the last time we visited overnight. Blossoming Lotus is an all vegan, gourmet restaurant. It’s quite popular with locals and visitors alike. Although on the small side, the restaurant is spacious and airy with high ceilings and you’ll notice right away as you enter the chandelier hanging in the center of the room. The restaurant’s sophisticated, yet unpretentious modern environment is inviting and tantalizing as you wait to be seated, while eyeing the baked good counter of cakes, cookies and pies.

Hungry and ready to eat, Nick and I arrived near closing on a Monday night, but it was still busy and full. We waited about twenty minutes for a seat, and when we browsed our menu as we sat down, there were plenty of good choices.

According to our waitress, we were the easiest order that night because we ordered the exact same thing for dinner and desserts. If you’ve been following along for our food adventures, you’ll notice we tend to do that a lot.

Dinner was Potatoes Dauphne: red potato and butternut squash gratin, beet puree, herb pesto, roasted brussel sprouts, heirloom carrot, and turmeric cauliflower. This was amazing good! The flavors go so well together, and we loved everything about it. Unfortunately, I didn’t remember to charge our camera, so the low quality pictures from the iPhone does not do it justice.

For dessert, we each ordered a marionberry crumble. It was so scrumptious. We both loved it. And, we were so glad we did not share!

Blossoming Lotus is tasty and well-done. I definitely recommend a visit if you’re ever in Portland.


2 thoughts on “Blossoming Lotus Portland

  1. That looks so yummy! I love LOVE vegan food. Great picture, the marionberry crumble looks good too. I haven’t ever tried marionberry before? I’ll have to look that up!

    πŸ™‚ cheers!

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