One of our favorite restaurants in Montreal is Bonny’s. Named after the owner, who works her magic in the kitchen, the restaurant is organic and mostly vegan with some vegetarian items on the menu. Because the restaurant is really small, you can see Bonny in the kitchen and with less than 10 tables total, it literally felt like we were at Bonny’s house and she was cooking dinner for us. Besides the cozy and intimate atmosphere, we love the delicious food. And since it’s only a short mile walk from our place, we intend to return often. Bonny’s was the second restaurant we dined at when we set foot here in Montreal, and we didn’t know what to expect initially but it turned out to be super delicious whole plant-based food.

On our first visit Nick ordered Bonny’s “must-try” dish, which is her homemade Boca burger. Unlike traditional burgers, this burger is meant to be eaten with a fork and knife. To Nick’s surprise, the burger turned out to be the tastiest burger he has had in a while. It was prepared healthier than most vegan burgers out there, without compromising its deliciousness.

Homemade chickpea flour and black bean burger served with an avalanche of fresh salsa and sliced avocado

I had Bonny’s special for the night, which was an Indian-style wrap and Dal Lentil soup. It was delicious and different, and I enjoyed it very much.

On a second visit, we both tried something different. Nick had the Black Bean Chili and Quinoa Chipotle, which he thought was even more delicious than his first meal after raving about the burger so much. He liked it so much so that that’s all he wants on our next return.

I had what I originally wanted to try on our first trip — two starters — but they were all out of it that time: The Empanada and Japanese Rice Noodle Salad combined. Made from spelt flour and baked with minced tofu inside, the empanada was on the healthier side, which I absolutely appreciated. It was tasty, but not your typical empanada. The rice noodle with tofu and vegetables was delicious, but a little on the oily side for my liking. Despite so, I ate it all down because I loved its sesame and chili flavor — a little spicy kick to it; just how I like it.

And lastly, because I was too full to have dessert on our first visit, this time around, although still a little full, I did it anyway. I really wanted to sample Bonny’s dessert, and I went with the Brown Rice Pudding. It was just my kind of dessert: unrefined, whole, simple, delicious. I loved it.

Brown Rice Pudding: organic brown rice, coconut and soy milk, Canadian maple syrup, raisins and cinnamon.

The only thing we disliked about our meals was that it comes with chips. Although it’s not a big deal, because of course we can choose not to eat it, or eat very little of it, which we did just that. We’ve noticed in every city we’ve lived in or traveled to there is a food “theme” to each vegan scene. And chips seems to be it in Montreal’s vegan food scene, so it’s not exclusive to Bonny’s. It’s no big deal though, because the food otherwise is very tasty and unique.



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