The Illuminated Crowd

In downtown Montreal, there is an interesting piece of public art named The Illuminated Crowd by Raymond Mason. The sculpture is of 65 people of all ages and race, depicting different facial expressions and conditions of raw human emotions. It symbolizes the fragility of the human condition, and through observation, you can see those emotions depicted.

Below is the description of the sculpture:

A crowd has gathered, facing a light, an illumination brought about by a fire, an event, an ideology — or an ideal. The strong light casts shadows, and as the light moves toward the back and diminishes, the mood degenerates, rowdiness, disorder and violence occur, showing the fragile nature of man, illumination, hope, involvement, hilarity, irritation, fear, illness, violence, murder and death — the flow of man’s emotion through space.”

This statue is probably one of the most photographed artwork in Montreal for many reasons, but I enjoyed observing the sculpture because the raw emotions of the people are so palpable and the message it conveys is so true.



2 thoughts on “The Illuminated Crowd

  1. I love that kind of art. Great pictures, too – thank you for sharing. Have never been to Canada, only dreaming about it.

    • Thank you! Glad you like it. I really liked it too. I’ll be exploring lots of Canada, so I hope to share some of my adventures here. Hopefully my pictures can help visualize the place better. 😉

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