Mont Royal Lookout

Mont Royal Park at the top of the city is a decent sized park where people snowshoe and cross-country ski during the winter months and walk, bike or run during other months. We visited the large park, trekking up a closed trail — which we didn’t know was closed because of the snow — to find the main trail and route to the stairwells heading to the lookout.

The lookout oversees the whole city. To the right, we could see Old Montreal and Old Port, and straight ahead is downtown. To the slight right, where we took a selfie with a blurry background is where Atwater and our neighborhood is at. Montreal is considered the largest city in Quebec, but we feel it’s a small city compared to most major visits we’ve visited in the US and Europe. The subway system is very easy to navigate and spans major areas of the city, which is small compared to other cities as well. Seeing this viewpoint confirmed how small it really is.

One visit to Mont Royal, we bumped into a little brown raccoon. We’re used to seeing gray raccoons back in the West Coast, so we were surprised to see this brown little fellow. He was munching on something and didn’t mind us watching at all. After a few shots of him, we let him be and headed back onto the trail and walked back towards downtown.

Because the park is quite vast, there are other things to see and do up there as well. We’ll be returning more frequently when it gets warmer, and because I have a thing for cemeteries, we’ll be visiting the park’s popular cemetery located at its northern end.



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