Patisserie Petit Lapin


I’ve discovered another all vegan bakery — Petit Lapin over in Westmount, the predominantly English-speaking neighborhood that is only a mile walk from our place. A tiny shop, Petit Lapin has no seats for customers to stick around and eat. It’s purely a storefront where you can select what you want to-go, or pick up your orders from online. Little Bunny (or rabbit) is the meaning of the shop’s name. It’s an allergy free bakery, meaning the top ten common allergens are omitted. So, you’ll find all of their products free of soy, all nuts, dairy, eggs, gluten, mustard, sulphites, wheat, seafood, and peanuts. It’s the only allergy free and vegan bakery you’ll find in Montreal that goes to this extreme length to omit the top priority food allergens. This is because the owner’s son was born allergic to all of these things and she wanted to create baked goods for him so he would be able to enjoy cakes and such for his birthdays like other kids. Thus the birth of Petit Lapin, which is named little rabbit because her son was born the year of the rabbit.

I just love the cuteness overload of Petit Lapin. The storefront is minimally decorated with a cute rabbit theme and when we looked into the kitchen we could even see the Kitchenaid mixers in the pink and blue color theme of Petit Lapin. Even the packaging is cute and the decor of the baked goods are eye-candy. They really have it right with first impressions here and it’s a favorite with many locals who have young kids with allergies. Petit Lapin also does a lot of birthday cakes and events as well. It seems even non-vegans come here because it’s a healthier alternative. I wouldn’t say it’s healthy, but it beats what’s out there for sure.

On my previous post on Sophie Sucrée, I mentioned I would return, but I see no need to because I favor the latter bakery. I’ve already sampled quite a bit from the newfound bakery from just two visits, and I have to say my favorites (Nick’s too, except minus the raspberry cupcake) are the lemon and raspberry cupcakes and the baked cinnamon sugar doughnut. Oh yes, their doughnuts are baked not fried! That’s another bonus in my book.

On our first visit, Nick grabbed the little apple pie and cinnamon sugar doughnut, and we shared the cupcakes. I also had my own cinnamon sugar doughnut as well, and a chocolate doughnut. We both agreed we disliked the apple pie, but favored the lemon cupcake and cinnamon sugar doughnut best.

The only other things I have not sampled are the cake pops and cream puffs. I’m not sure I will because those are made to order and aren’t sold regularly at the bakery. I don’t really care for cake pops, so I won’t order them, but perhaps I might with the cream puffs. We’ll see. After ordering madeleines with raspberry jam and macarons this past Easter Sunday, I’m a little sweeted out now.

This was my first time trying macarons ever, and I never really knew what they were. Even after visiting France twice, I never tried them. I admit I had an interest to on my second visit when I had already turned vegan, but by then it was too late because I couldn’t find any vegan macarons. I decided to give these a try, and after trying them out, albeit sweet and yummy, I realize they’re not really my thing. However, madeleines are a real treat. I’m a cake-y person, so they were quite scrumptious to me.

I couldn’t resist grabbing an Easter Bunny doughnut when I picked up my madeleines and macarons order. It was fun to eat the bunny donut and share on Instagram, but I did not eat the bunny’s ears.

I won’t be indulging in too much more baked goods, but if I’m going to, Petit Lapin will definitely be my first choice in getting a cupcake!



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