Any food lover traveling to a new place is most likely going to try the destination’s classic dish. We had heard about Canada’s dish poutine before heading to Montreal. This dirty fast food dish originated from the province of Quebec, so it isn’t surprising it’s ubiquitous around the city. And if you aren’t familiar with the dish, it is a bed of fries doused with a gravy sauce with cheese curds on top. Of course there are variations to this dish, but what I listed is the traditional makeup of a poutine.

I admit, before knowing about it and just seeing the dish, it looked unappealing to us. I’m simply not a gravy person, never liked it much and it just looked so sloppy and greasy to us. Nevertheless, we were determined to try a vegan version because we wanted the experience. Lucky for us the version we had at an all vegan, mostly organic chain restaurant, Copper Branch, was also the healthiest version it could be when not making it yourself. We did our research and went with Copper Branch for this reason. They make it with seasoned baked fries — NOT fried. And the gravy sauce has no added oil — just Portobello mushrooms, carrot juice and coconut milk. It comes with vegan cheese, Daiya, on top, but we omitted that.

The verdict? Delicious, but it’s just drinking food. Would we have it again? Yes, but we wouldn’t seek it out.

Have you tried poutine before?



7 thoughts on “Poutine

    • No, not when it’s eaten fried and topped with a greasy mess. That’s just adding to impending health issues for most people. However, there’s nothing wrong with eating potatoes if prepared and eaten healthfully. Choosing an alternative way to eat this dish so it’s healthier is the way to go when one wants it, but I realize not everyone is going to do that — especially if they’ve been drinking!

    • Yeah, I agree. But part of traveling and visiting a new place, I feel like I must try the country’s dish at least once for the cultural experience. TBH, we probably won’t ever have it again. 😉

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