MissMe: Army of Vandals

The streets and alleys of Montreal are filled with cool street art and murals. This city has some of the best graffiti art we’ve seen. Out of the artistic cities we’ve visited, Montreal has had a lasting impression on us. What I appreciate the most is that the street art is respected here. It’s not as heavily vandalized and defaced like other graffiti art and murals in other cities. As a viewer and admirer, it’s cool to look at the art work without excessive vandalism.

Speaking of vandalism, a different kind of vandalism, we recently visited an exhibition by MissMe at the Phi Centre. MissMe is a Montreal-based opinionated lady, who describes herself as The Artful Vandal. She leaves her mark around the city with her ‘vandalism,’ or drawings, sharing strong view points on women sexuality and history through her work.

At the exhibition, her pieces on women sexuality were on display and strong is one way to put it. All of her work were hand drawn, blown up and then printed. And all of the women’s bodies were like statement pieces — definitely attracting attention and making a point through sexuality. It was an interesting exhibition and the kind of work we saw was definitely different from other street art we’ve seen around the city. We have yet to seen MissMe’s work out on the streets, but I guarantee we won’t miss her mark if we come across her vandals. How can we forget something so bold as this?

“To be born with a woman’s body is to bear unsolicited burden of humanity’s unresolved attitudes towards sex. A woman learns to adapt to a patriarchal system that blames her for the misbehaviour of men. She’s taught to be ashamed of her sexuality and apologize for the power of her body. The portrait of a Vandal is one of an unapologetic soldier. The battle is one of regaining what is primarily ours, in a bold, street-guerrilla way.”

We are not going to wait for your permission.
We don’t need your permission.
To regain the territory of our value and power, we are going to take back what has been robbed from us: our own bodies.
To claim it, in its pure form: nudity.
It is our vessel, and NOT an object of desire for the Other.

This is our Army.



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