Part I: Murals of Montreal

I know I’ve mentioned several times now how we appreciate the street art in Montreal. With some recent sunny days, we strolled and perused the city. They have myriad murals around the city done up by different artists, and what I’m sharing today is only a handful of them. Montreal is voted number five on the top ten list of best cities in the world for graffiti art — and I can see why.

Our favorite murals are Granny with a Spray Can, The Converse Store, The Stoner with the Big Cat, and Sprouting Mushrooms (the guy holding the tiny house). I have no idea what the artists named these murals, but I just made up the names as I see them. I hope you enjoyed the pictures. I’ll be posting Part II later on, so stay tuned.

What’s your favorite?



9 thoughts on “Part I: Murals of Montreal

  1. Thanks for sharing, those are really cool! If I should pick a favorite it would be the portrait of the young woman. Is that really made with spray cans? And the man with the big cat is my number two.

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