Garden of Locks

This past weekend was Montreal’s real first day of spring. Sunny and warm, it was also the first weekend we left our winter jackets behind and busted out our spring ones. Sunday was quite warm that we didn’t even need a jacket at all. We’re happy to be rid of winter and cold days, and we felt so light without our winter gear. It’s like our skin could breathe again after being suffocated with thick layers of cloth. It was definitely nice to feel the warm sun on our bare skin again.

Seeing the sun was out, we took advantage of walking around the city. On Sunday we visited a different area of Old Port. I wanted to see Habitat 67 closer, a community housing distinguished for its architecture. Along the way, we walked around the Garden of Locks. The park is nestled in an industrial area with old abandoned buildings. It’s not the prettiest park, but it’s interesting with its dry and rusty vibe conveyed from the massive abandoned building, its lack of greenness despite being around nature, and a railroad track that runs right through it.

An abandoned hive

Habitat 67



2 thoughts on “Garden of Locks

    • It was indeed a great walk. The building piqued my curiosity as to its history. Just because it’s not beautiful doesn’t mean it’s not interesting or worth exploring.

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