Crudessence is another vegan restaurant that has joined our favorite-list for Montreal. Organic and mostly raw, Crudessence has several locations. The one we frequent is downtown on Rue Mackay. For a raw restaurant, prices are high for Montreal but not too bad for being raw-focused. Portions are on the small side like most raw restaurants, so ordering more than one item is usually the case. With this posting, I’m sharing our favorites from Crudessence; however, we are still not done sampling the menu…

On one visit for brunch, Nick and I ordered several large smoothies and I also had an acai bowl that was extremely tasty but too small.

Acai Bowl: Living crunchy granola, açai, blueberries, almond milk, coconut, cacao nibs, goji berries, fresh fruits

One dinner, Nick had the chef’s special chili, which became his new favorite chili in the city. It’s a fusion bowl of mostly cooked with some raw elements, making it delicious and nutritious.

Mr. Pall V: chili bowl made of sweet potato,
black beans, ground tempeh, corn and raw spinach on a bed of quinoa millet, and topped with raw sprouts.

I had a nut free raw Pad Thai made with daikon and zucchini noodles and a spicy tamarind sauce, topped with sprouted and dehydrated buckwheat and sprouts. It was super delicious! The portion wasn’t too bad, but I could have had more. It was definitely low-calorie so I ordered desserts afterward.

I had this plate of raw Banana Split all to myself. It was super yummy and I loved every bite to the end. The raw ice cream was chai and chocolate coconut-based ice cream. This dessert usually comes with raw (nut-based) brownies, but I substituted it with extra banana instead, topped with goji berries, cacao nibs, fresh raspberry and cashew sauce, the combo was scrumptious. Afterwards, I was definitely full and had packed in sufficient calories but still felt light and was energized.



6 thoughts on “Crudessence

  1. the chili bowl and the pad thai look awesome…bon appetite…i just got back from a rollerblading tour of vegan tokyo, kyoto and osaka…proving that one can spend three weeks in japan without a bite of sushi or sashimi…i think you and nick will love the wild food cafe near covent garden when you make it to london in june…i can’t wait to get back there…

    • Wow, how awesome! Sounds like a lot of fun.
      We will definitely visit Wild Food Cafe as we never got a chance to on our last visit. Right now I’m looking forward to visiting Inspiral Lounge again.
      Looks like we’ll just miss you when we arrive to London. We’ll arrive early morning of July 24th. It would have been nice to meet up!

      • unfortunately, inspiral lounge has closed…as has nama in notting hill…two of my old favorites…hopefully some new spots will have opened up before all we get to london…you might check to find some new vegan places…i think tania’s in chelsea is still open and though it’s expensive, their menu is pretty good…veg out was my go to place in kyoto…great vegan fare and right on the river with a great panoramic view out huge windows…i’m definitely going back to japan for the 2020 olympics…

      • That’s too bad. Yes, there are lots of new places opening up in London. I follow a page on Instagram that features vegan places or vegan friendly places all over the city. And of course, Happy Cow is always a good place to look. I always go to them as another source. Haven’t been to Japan yet, but it’s definitely on our list for later.

  2. Wow. Mouth watering dish, the last one looks really attractive.
    P.s you run a really fascinaring blog, i am enjoyiny my time here. Looking forward to my next visit and staying tuned to catch up your every next post. Cheers! – Cezane

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