MLS Game: Montreal Impact vs Colorado Rapids

I much prefer watching sporting events on TV, because the comforts of a couch and warmth of my humble abode is much more appealing to me than being out in the elements for hours. However, the one sport I do not mind watching in person is a soccer game. Football games are usually always too cold for me to watch in person, and I despise how long the games take with so many time outs. Being a former softball player, I like baseball but find the games slow and boring to watch. I’d rather being playing instead, but I still don’t mind going to a game once in a while on a nice sunny day. On the other hand, soccer is dynamic and fun to watch. We both have come to enjoy soccer tremendously, and last Saturday we took the opportunity to blend in with local Montrealers at the MLS Montreal Impact game held at Saputo Stadium. The Impacts played against Colorado Rapids and despite the game ending as a tie, we thought the Montreal Impacts controlled the game. We had a lot of fun, and the warm spring weather couldn’t have been any better.

Saputo Stadium is practically next to Olympic Stadium.

Before the game, both English and French were spoken, welcoming American guest players and highlighting the players from the home team. America’s national anthem song was sung, followed by Canada’s national anthem song. When the introductions were all over, the cheering and fun began. Fans stomped their feet and shouted “go” repeatedly in French. “Allez, allez, allez!”

Tak Tik the mascot

Do you like soccer? Are you looking forward to next the World Cup as much as we are?



10 thoughts on “MLS Game: Montreal Impact vs Colorado Rapids

  1. I love soccer. Runs through my veins. I must ask now, after reading this, if you watched soccer, do you know of any teams and do you have a favourate one? – Cezane

    • Yes, I watch soccer. Just not all the time. I especially like to watch it during the World Cup. I know the Sounders and after watching the Impacts, I know a little about them. In the past, my favorite teams were Germany and Spain. I like soccer, but I don’t watch it as much like other soccer fans, so I’m like a newbie. 😉

      • Hahaha, is it a co incidence you mentioned the recent world cup winners as your favourate team? Those are my favourates too😅
        Btw for world cup, since 1998, any team i support reaches the final.
        I have one suggestion, remember me in 2018…
        Argentina will reach the finals once again. ☺ have it as your favourate from now. Cheers to new friendship dear! – Cezane

      • Ha, nice. Argentina, huh? I will remember this. Looking forward to the friendship. Also, nice to meet a writer as well. I love meeting other writers. Btw, are you and Michelle on Instagram? If you are, let me know. I’d love to follow you guys.

      • Yes we are but not so active over there as much as facebook. Though we would love to stay tuned.
        What would your username be dear?

      • @deptulas_sojourns
        I’m not on Facebook, just on WordPress and Instagram. I love taking pictures, so IG is my outlet for that, and WP fuels my journal-like writing when I’m not working on creative writing. Looking forward to our interactions!

      • That is such a nice mix! Following you right away, Michelle will too soon.
        Cheers to new friendship! I am so glad to have found your blog. – Cezane

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