Montreal Botanical Garden and Bonsai Trees

Montreal is on a roll with nice, warm sunny weather, though we hear this summer is going to be unusually hot for the city. We have noticed that the sun is a bit stronger here. I am usually cold in 70-degree weather, but it feels hot here like it’s 80 plus. And with it being warmer, the city feels more polluted. Today we have smog warning with high levels of pollutants. This came as a surprise to us, and we’ve chosen to stay inside to wait it out. Nevertheless, we are enjoying the contrast from the city’s frigid winter. But hey, at least we can say we survived Montreal’s brutal winter!

Last Sunday we visited the Botanical Garden. Located near the Olympic Stadium, the garden and park are an oasis away from the smell of exhaust and cigarettes of the city. We really enjoyed our day there roaming the gardens and breathing in the sweet, refreshing smell of flowers.

Unfortunately, the Chinese garden was closed for renovation. The Japanese garden seemed to have been partially closed for renovation as well so we didn’t get to see these main gardens for what they really were.

Entrance to the Chinese Garden, but it was closed.

Part of the Japanese Garden, but it was getting renovated as well. The ground looked dry and barren.

Wild boars made from mud and sticks.

One of the visits we did was to go peruse bonsai trees. These mini trees may be cute, but they are quite old. We were surprised to see one being 275-years-old!

This bonsai here is an impressive 275-years-old!

The gardens and park are expansive, so I will be doing a three-part post on the visit. My following two posts will cover the flowers and crab trees because they are too beautiful to not share! If you love nature as much as we do, a visit to the Botanical Gardens is a must when visiting Montreal.



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