Nature’s Beauty: Flowers

What I love most about spring are the flowers in bloom. Their sweet floral scent is refreshing, especially in a very polluted city on a hot day. It definitely beats breathing in the toxic chemicals of exhaust fumes and cigarette smoke. Because flowers are short-lived, especially tulips, I always take the time to notice and appreciate their presence. When we visited Montreal Botanical Gardens, we were lucky to have caught the tulips in season. In vibrant bright colors, the flowers were beautiful and so enjoyable to look at. I never used to be a flower person, because I focused on the wrong — the fact that they’ll die anyway. Maybe I was pessimistic, but in the last couple years I have come to appreciate all kinds of flowers — now focusing on their lives. Their existence is nature’s gift. Though their lives are short-lived, their existence provides beauty and happiness.

And with flowers, there are birds. We spotted this woodpecker during our walk. He was swift, pecking his beak against the tree. We saw wood chips flying everywhere from his work. It was very cool to observe, as this was my first time seeing a woodpecker. It makes me nostalgic of my childhood years when I used to spend time watching Woody Woodpecker. 🙂


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