Parc La Fontaine

Ever seen a white squirrel? We haven’t. So when we learned about the rare albino breed of squirrels at La Fontaine Park, we decided to go see for ourselves. La Fontaine is Montreal’s largest urban park in the city, though it’s quite small compared to other city parks. People flock to the area to spend their day with friends and family, relishing in their free time.

We walked the whole loop of the park, weaving up and down the vicinity in search of any white fluffy squirrel. Unfortunately, the whole rare part is true. We didn’t spot one. Instead, we saw and interacted with several of the regular squirrels. These rodents are living large. We’ve never seen so many chubby squirrels before. Feeding squirrels in Montreal was once okay, but it is now against the law. You will receive a hefty fine if you do so. Despite so, there are plenty of food waste and garbage littered from people they’ll never go hungry in this city.

Aside from squirrel searching, we also people watched and captured the scenery: tight rope walkers, newly wed couple, jugglers, picnickers, and those simply enjoying alone time reading. The buzzing sound of conversations, laughter and cries from children entertained my ears. A lot was going on at the park.

It was quite lively and though we enjoyed our walk and interaction with the squirrels, it would have been nice to enjoy all of that without breathing in cigarette smoke. The whole park smelled a lot like cigarettes and I wish they would ban smoking out in public places like that. Nevertheless, we made the most of our time in spite of the toxins. We did not see any white squirrels, but I’m sharing a picture of one from a local who encountered the albino squirrel at the park.

Screen Shot 2016-06-05 at 12.24.58 PM



8 thoughts on “Parc La Fontaine

  1. It looks like you had a really enjoyable day out in Montreal. A shame you missed the white squirrel but that brown one with those chubby little cheeks is still quite the site 🙂

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