Old Port Clock Tower

At Old Port Montreal, it is hard to ignore the Clock Tower which stands 148 feet tall along the canal. The tower was built in early 1900s and marks the entrance to the port, guiding incoming ships. Originally made in England, the clock’s mechanism is a replica of Big Ben in London. The clock tells precise time, servicing as the port’s time-keeper in an era when wrist watches weren’t common. Now classified as a federal heritage building since 1996, the tower can be visited during warmer months, providing views of St. Lawrence River and the city.

A while back when the city finally had its bouts of spring weather, we strolled along the port for a closer look at the tower. It was a pleasant day with nice photo opportunities. Across the river, we could see the Biosphere at Saint Helen’s Island.

Saint Helen’s Island, Biosphere

A man-made beach by the Clock Tower is a popular spot during summer months for locals and visitors to relax while getting a tan. Unfortunately, the Clock Tower and the beach is closed indefinitely because of workers strike. With summer around the corner, I have waited all this time to visit the beach and to climb the tower but won’t get to. Perhaps next time, if we return to Montreal.

Screen Shot 2016-06-13 at 5.21.06 PM



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