We finally made it across the river to Saint Helen’s Island where La Ronde (Six Flag amusement park), Jean Drapeau Park, and the Biosphere are all at. Saint Helen’s is an island in the Saint Lawrence River, situated southeast of the Island of Montreal. We were curious to explore the area and wanted see the Biosphere up close. Located at the park, the huge ball-of-steel was once a former pavilion of the United States for the 1967 World Fair, Expo 67. Now, the building is a museum dedicated to the environment.

It was just Grand Prix weekend, so Jean Drapeau Park was quite busy. We avoided the crowd and didn’t go looking for it. Instead, we strolled the uninhabited areas of the park after observing the Biosphere.

the wind whispers in my ear
tells me a secret
for what’s in front is clear
swaying with the breeze
are the purple majesties
they collect my thoughts
to store away —
keep me in the moment,
my mind now present

With our time ending in Montreal soon, this was one of the final things we had on our to-do list. We’ll be ending with a visit to the Mont Royal Cemetery, which is next to come, and then we’ll explore other parts of Quebec province for the remainder of our month here.

Till next time!



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