Mont Royal Cemetery

Something about being inside a cemetery is peaceful and calming to me, especially at Mont Royal Cemetery. Located in the same vicinity as Mont Royal Park, we found the place relaxing and more pleasant than the urban parks. The sound of nature struck us when we explored the area: sweet voices of birds singing and chirping, the rustling of tree leaves and the soft sounds of the wind. We perused the gravestones and mausoleums like observing and admiring architecture, noticing differences in time periods and the ages of the deceased, the conditions of the tombstones — like how elaborate some of them are, while some have aged by weather and time.

A different part of Mont Royal Park we’ve never encountered as we hiked up to the cemetery.

Entering the cemetery, we found a squirrel and raccoon. This particular squirrel was injured, and he looks like a puppet to me in this picture.

Mont Royal Cemetery is well-kept and full of flowers that carpet and surround the area with their beauty, attracting all living beings.

we stroll amongst the dead
in peace
listening to the breeze
rustling tree leaves
fill the air with soft notes
blended harmony
with singsong voices of birds
waken the living:
bees buzzing and squirrels hopping
a raccoon forages and a gopher shies away,
while pure white beauties
blanket the earth and pay homage
to souls passed

Some older tombstones.

The youngest age deceased we saw at six-month-old.

Our first time seeing a gopher. He was quite adorable and funny to watch.

I’m sure a cemetery is not the happiest spot for some people, but something about it draws me in. If or when the next time you’re visiting one, try to observe the surroundings and enjoy its scenery and let it lull you in.


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