Laurentides Region of Quebec

We recently went on a short trip to the Laurentides region of Quebec — an hour and half north from Montreal. This was a nature trip for my birthday and we had a great time being away from the city for a few days. We stayed in Lac-Superieur and rented a chalet near the lake. It was scenic and quiet, and we loved the peacefulness out there.

Day 1: Lac-Superieur
We arrived early evening and strolled around the trail on the lake and explored Lac-Superieur by car. This first day was pretty easygoing. We didn’t do a whole lot but relaxed and took in the scenery.

Day 2: Mont Tremblant
The next day was more eventful. We started the day off by visiting Mont Tremblant National Park where we had planned on hiking but soon realized hiking in the East Coast is not as fun or peaceful as hiking in the West Coast. Growing up in the East Coast, Nick forgot about how fierce the bugs are. The hike started out as a battle between us and them and we decided it was not worth it to get eaten alive. Mosquitoes love me, and at the start I already had 3 bites. I purposely wore long pants, but one still managed to stick a stinger in me. As for Nick, the gnats loved him. Without finishing the hike, he got over 25 bites all that day. The bugs were buzzing all around us and wouldn’t leave us alone. We didn’t bring any natural bug spray with us, and using DEET is not an option for us. Thus, we left and walked around the park instead. Even then, they were getting us. Hiking is fun when it’s scenic and peaceful, but when it becomes all about surviving it takes the fun and peacefulness out of it. So instead, we left and headed to Mont Tremblant ski resort and pedestrian village, reminiscing our good ol’ hikes in the PNW. We’ve come to realize no place compares to the hikes in Washington.

Mont Tremblant National Park

Mont Tremblant Ski Resort and Pedestrian Village
We spent the rest of the day here. And after heading to the summit, we explored the village a little.

At the summit

Day 3: Montebello
This was the day of my birthday, and it happened to be the highlight of our trip as we ventured off an hour away to Montebello to visit a wildlife reserve, Parc Omega. I won’t go into full details here about the reserve. Instead, I’ll do a separate post about it because we had such a wonderful time we felt Parc Omega deserves its own post.


Day 4: Lac-Superieur
We didn’t do much this day as it was our last day. We thought about heading back to Mont Tremblant Ski Resort to ride the luge but it started to rain. We took this as a sign to head back to the city, where we enjoyed the rest of the day there.



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