Wildlife Reserve: Parc Omega

As I had mentioned in my previous post, the wildlife reserve, Parc Omega, was a wonderful experience. Unlike a zoo, the animals live freely on the land. They are free to roam and feed on their own. However, with the reserve opening up as a park, visitors can drive through on trails and feed carrots to safe and docile animals. The land is made up of lakes, meadows, small valleys, forests, and rocky hills. And the wildlife here are moose, elks, deers, birds, beavers, wild boars, wolves, coyotes, raccoons, black bears, oxen, caribou, mountain goats, and bisons. There is an exception to animals whom are predators, in which they live in a spacious, fenced-off area to prevent danger to visitors and prey.

A sleepy herd of bison

Boy, the coyotes have a mean stare! Their gazes scared me a little as they bore their yellow slit eyes into mine, telling me they want food. We threw carrots for them and they went for it. A poor deer was walking by and wanted a carrot, but she was too afraid to come by because we were near her predator’s territory. Nick dangled the carrot in his hand, waving it for her. She stepped forward but never came for it because then she would look at the coyote and decided to stay away.


This wolf looks a lot like a domesticated friendly dog, but this guy’s instincts are definitely not similar to man’s best friend. Though he seems harmless here, he can be quite aggressive. A scary thought, but it was fascinating to see them up close.

We made sure to stay clear of the goats. Apparently these guys like to jump and can jump onto and dent cars. Seeing that we had rented a car, it really wouldn’t have been good to return the car with hoof dents. Good thing this fellow was further away, hanging in the bears’ territory.

Alpine Ibex or Mountain Goat

We spent the whole day at Parc Omega because the land is so vast, and we took our time visiting and interacting with the wildlife. All of the animals are cautious of humans to some extent, while some are more daring and friendly. It was truly amazing to be so close to some of them, and the best moment for us was when an elk showed affection towards me. When I was petting him, he leaned down and stuck his face inside the car and pressed his face firmly against mine. We were cheek to cheek and I definitely felt his love.

The wild boars were everywhere and we enjoyed interacting with them as well. They were little foragers, always roaming about finding food. They were the comical ones, and it seemed like we bumped into them a lot on the road. The deers were everywhere as well, but they were the most shy. Unless you have a carrot with you, they don’t want anything to do with you.


Wild boar piglet

Mr. Beaver was a surprise sighting. We spotted him at the back of the car while we were visiting with the wolves. Nick reversed the car and Mr. Beaver scurried over to my side. We caught each other’s gaze and he was smiling up at me with his buck teeth, with a face that said, “I want carrot.” I thought I had time to throw him a half carrot and take his picture, but as soon as he grabbed the carrot he ran off, showing me his cute backside. Nick reversed the car further to observe the little rascal, and we watched him enjoy the carrot that looked big in his tiny grasp.

The park also has stopping points where you can go walking on trails, or simply take a break to visit with roaming deers.

Trout lake

Wild Turkey

This was our first time experiencing a wildlife park. It is so big that we hardly bumped into other people. Most of the time it felt like it was just us and the animals. This is one of the reasons why it made the experience truly incredible. We had no idea what to expect, but we were happy about our visit. We no longer favor zoos and have no desire to visit one anymore, so this was a better alternative to see animals in a better living environment. It was evident that these animals are happy, which made us happy as well.



4 thoughts on “Wildlife Reserve: Parc Omega

  1. I’ve been to a mini-safari before and a zoo with less fences too, but never like that with so many animals. Time for me to do some research. Thanks for the head’s up. Would love to do something like this.

    • Yes, it’s definitely better than a zoo. And it’s quite fascinating in so many ways. A great experience for sure. I think this kind of wildlife park is going to be more popular than zoos in the future.

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