A Visit to Quebec City

We recently spent four days in Quebec City, and this quaint little place really surprised us in so many ways. With low expectations, we were taken aback when we arrived on day one. We stayed in Old Quebec, which was quite charming with its old buildings and cobblestone streets. Walking around we felt like we were strolling the streets of certain places in Europe. Memories of France and other cities in Europe we visited came back to us, and it was a nice change of scenery from Montreal and our recent visit to the Laurentides region of Quebec.

Beyond Old Quebec, we walked everywhere. The city is very touristy but in a good way. We explored a lot, walking through residential areas to designated tourist spots. And the unexpected scenery and nature surrounding the city were all a bonus as well. Just over three hours by train from Montreal, it was a pleasant escape and so far out of the places we’ve visited during our sojourn, Quebec City is our favorite. Below is a brief summary of the trip.

Day 1
On our first day, we checked into our hotel in Old Quebec and explored this old part of the city for a bit before dinner.

Chateau Frontenac

Day 2
The highlight of this day was our visit to the Citadelle and Plains of Abraham in The Battlefield Park. The Citadelle of Quebec is the oldest military building in Canada and forms part of the fortification of Quebec City. It adjoins Canada’s first national historic park, which is the National Battlefields Park. This park is over a hundred years old and one of its main site is the Plains of Abraham, which was the confrontation site between the French and British Empires in North America.

Day 3
This day was the highlight of our trip as we ventured fifteen minutes out of the city to Montmorency Falls. I won’t go into the details of the park because a separate post is a must to share the picturesque landscape of the place. After visiting the falls, we headed back to Old Quebec where we explored some more before dinnertime.

Day 4
We were out of things to explore on our last day, but luckily we learned about the special Salvador Dali art gallery at the Chateau Frontenac the night before. Though a small gallery, we enjoyed seeing our favorite art work by one of our favorite artists. Besides Dali’s work, some of Picasso’s work were also showcased. Afterwards, we spoiled our appetites with good pasta and gelato before heading back to Montreal.

Salvador Dali’s Alice in Wonderland Sculpture. It was the third evening when we strolled along this promenade and learned about the gallery when we came across this sculpture.

We really enjoyed this trip and had lots of fun. The only bad thing we encountered was the lack of vegan options. The raw vegan joints we visited were very disappointing, and with the slim plant-based options we ended up eating at non-vegan Italian restaurants where our only options were pasta pomodoro or pizza. Despite so, we really enjoyed our pasta meals, with Bello Ristorante being our favorite place.

Tutto Gelato, the best vegan gelato we’ve had since visiting Rome. Rich, creamy and delicious! Shown here is their hazelnut flavor.



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