Countryside Escape in Eastern Townships

Last weekend we had the most relaxing and peaceful trip out at Eastern Townships. Southeast of Montreal, this countryside and wine region of Quebec has a verdant picturesque landscape filled with much-needed fresh air you can’t get in the city. We stayed in Baldwin, a tiny countryside town outside of Coaticook, another small town but with actual shops, residential blocks and a town center. In contrast, Baldwin is just farmland with sparse residents. We stayed in a house with acres of land all to ourselves, with a spectacular view out back where we enjoyed the sunrise and sunset, eating outside and doing workouts on the back deck.

Arrival, Night 1
After struggling to get out of the city, we arrived to Baldwin just after sunset on Friday night. Driving through the dark, it seemed creepy at first as we approached the house not sure if it was the right one. Just a single house out of nowhere with an old barn, thoughts of psycho killers and horror movies popped into my head. But surely enough, we saw the description in my email of a red roof house and knew it was our place.

Daytime view of the house.

This is the view from the back deck on arrival.

Day 1, Night 2
I woke up early stunned by the view as I stepped out of the bedroom and into the dining room to see the beautiful view outside the large window. So inviting, I walked out onto the deck, struck by the morning breeze which was so refreshing. I had just missed sunrise by 20 minutes, but it was still beautiful and breathtaking. I was at peace and hearing the lovely birds singing, watching them fly around was nature at its best.

The Barn

After some food in our systems, we drove into Coaticook to hike the trails up at Parc de la Gorge. The trails are easy, but the scenery made it a nice stroll. We even got to explore a mini cave, which was a nice surprise for me because I love exploring caves.

Crossing the suspension bridge

The view from the observation tower.

Finishing up with our outdoorsy adventures, we headed back to Baldwin for quick strength training on the deck, then dinner followed by a gorgeous sunset.

After appreciating the sunset, we headed back to Parc de la Gorge for Forest Lumina. This annual summer event the park hosts is an interactive, illuminated trail filled with storytelling of fairies and creatures, along with soundtrack, lighting and video mapping. Although this is for all ages, we thought it could be slightly creepy for young kids. But for adults, it’s just a well-orchestrated forest light show.

Departure, Day 2
Leaving Baldwin and Coaticook, we ventured 45 minutes away to Fitch Bay of Stanstead, passing through Magog with a scenic drive. The reason for our visit was to explore Bleu Lavande, the famous lavender field in the region.

We were glad to have visited this region. We had such a great time and enjoyed the scenery. The short visit was all we needed to unwind just before our departure from Montreal. We leave for our new home in London this Saturday, so I’ll “see” everyone there!



9 thoughts on “Countryside Escape in Eastern Townships

    • Thank you, Jan! I’m glad you’ve enjoyed my posts in Canada. We’ll be returning to Canada in April 2017, but this time it will be in Toronto, so I’ll be sharing more of Canada in the future. 🙂

  1. I think I need a fine stay on the countryside just like this one. That first sunrise pic is a delight to wake up to. Definitely a place to get away and recuperate. Gorgeous pics. I love the sharpness on the images.

    • Thank you! Photography can definitely be learned on your own and can be developed over time with experience. I’m glad you enjoyed them! Thanks for visiting, and keep on snapping. 🙂

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