Settling into the New Home: London

It has been five days since we’ve started our new sojourn in London. This will be home for the next six months, and so far so good. We have been fighting off jet lag, but I thought I’d update everyone on our new abode. Originally, we had booked a flat in South Brixton neighborhood, an eclectic, funky and gentrified neighborhood of London. We were excited for the place, as it was literally next to Brixton Market and surrounded by vegan restaurants and a vegan bakery. Unfortunately, a month before our move we were contacted by our host that he could no longer have his place up on Airbnb. We were bummed and had to book somewhere else immediately. Sure enough, because summer bookings in London are so popular, our selections were slim based on our needs and the time frame. We can’t just book any place because we’re so picky based on our needs of a place: organic groceries, walkability, and if the apartment fits our need of no smoking and non-smoking neighbors, the ability for us to set up our water and shower filters, and if the place has chairs and desks for working, and if not, then we need a host that will allow us to buy those furnishings. And with all that, we’d like for the place to be comfy and cozy, somewhat modern. You see, it’s not so simple for us when looking for a place. I wish it was, but we have so many needs it makes looking for a place challenging at times. Nevertheless, it was tough to find a replacement, but we managed and found one. We ended up with a flat in North West London instead, just north of Camden. It’s not ideal location for us, but it works. We get groceries from Planet Organic and the closest vegan restaurants are Loving Hut, Manna and others in Camden — as well as the famous vegan and gluten-free scrumptious bakery, Cookies and Scream. The place is nestled in a residential area very close to a park and tube. So far we’ve explored the area and we’re content with it, and heading over to other parts of London is easy by tube. With our third visit here, we look forward to doing more local stuff and getting outside of the city to visit other parts of England. And of course, all the good vegan eats!

photo 2 (1)

The block we live on.


Pictures pulled from Airbnb.



7 thoughts on “Settling into the New Home: London

  1. Cute place! Could you email me your address? I have a St. Augustine postcard that’s been sitting on my counter that I need to send but it’s got your old Montreal address on it.

  2. Despite the initial bad luck with the first place you’ve booked I think the house you got now is really nice!! And the Planet Organic place sounds really good! 😉
    I’m so looking forward to reading your next posts about London so to be prepared when I’ll move there too in September!! 🙂

    Lisa |

    • Hi Lisa,

      Thanks! It’s been good so far. The house and neighborhood is actually pretty good now that we’ve had a full week here. After being out in the busy areas of London for a few days, we realized our neighborhood is actually what we wanted after all. 🙂

      • Yes I can totally understand, it’s such a busy city! but good you’ve found the corner that fits you! 🙂

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