Northwest London Neighborhoods

We just finished our first week of being in London. Having to deal with jet lag and with trying to keep our schedule the same of waking up at sunrise and in bed by 10pm has been a little bit of a challenge, especially since we lost out on one day of sleep when we traveled here from Montreal. We’ve been exhausted but still happy and excited to explore our new home and surroundings.

Starting with Kentish Town, we visited The Third Estate, which is a vegan clothing and shoe store. It’s a little shop with lots of cute, organic and ethical fashion. I was tempted to buying everything! To all my vegan peers, check them out if you’re visiting London. The shop is not too far from Camden Town, about a mile walk. Afterwards, you can cross the street and grab a snack or bite at Bumblebee Natural Foods. They have plenty of vegan options, which I gladly picked up an organic blueberry cake from Manna.

Next was Camden Town. It is one of the well-known neighborhoods we live close to, which we did explore a little bit on our last visit. On our return, the place was congested with tourists and construction. Our main visit was to shop at Whole Foods Market, as we learned from our friend Marty that there is one there. After that, we watched the new Jason Bourne movie at the Odeon theater across the street, which we found some differences in how a movie theater is run here in the UK versus the US. Pretty interesting, and we enjoyed the comparison.

Lastly, we ventured off to Primrose Hill, about a mile away from Camden to eat dinner at Manna, which I’ll share on my next post. We visited Regent’s Park, the large grassy green park with Primrose Hill. At the top you can see a view of London. We walked up to the hill to do just that and circled the park, visiting the outside bar and workout area where people like Tim Shieff frequent to do calisthenic workouts. We enjoyed the park and the area, while people watching. If we lived closer, we’d frequent the park too.

As we finished off dinner at Manna, we left Primrose Hill heading towards Hampstead for home. Hampstead is even closer to us and is a very nice neighborhood not too many visitors know about. I’ll touch on the area a little more later.

After visiting and living in Europe before, we’re still amused by all the little cars.

Sunset approaching



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