Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens

London’s Royal Parks are beautiful and make for a great stroll. We visited one of the parks recently at Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens and spent a few hours there. Time passes by as you’re sauntering through, because there is much to see: art exhibitions, nature, wildlife, people. The last time we visited Kensington Gardens was through a different entrance and we didn’t spend a lot of time exploring. This time we relished in our free time and did a bit of sightseeing. Despite so, we didn’t see everything, which means we’ll only have to go back another day.

The current exhibition at the Serpentine Gallery.

In Kensington Gardens, we learned from our friend Marty about the green parakeets and stumbled upon these beautiful birds during our walk. They literally eat out of your hand if you have food. Their favorite things to eat are apples and peanuts.

This parakeet wasn’t so interested in the grape Nick had for him.

Peter Pan Statue

Italian Gardens

Kensington Palace

New visitors should definitely put it on their list to do. It’s a great way to get in some exercise — walking, biking or rollerblading — while discovering the beauty of the park. And though it’s right in the hustle and bustle of the city, it won’t feel like it when you’re walking inside, which makes for a good escape.


6 thoughts on “Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens

  1. love these images of the park…glad you enjoyed the parakeets…a close up shot of the henry moore sculpture across the serpentine would show all the bunny rabbits playing in the grass there…look forward to more of your blogging from the greatest city in the world!

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