London Vegan Food Highlight (Week 2): Vantra

Week two food highlight really resonates with us for many reasons. Vantra is an organic vegan restaurant in Westminster (West London). This small self-serve, buffet-style restaurant offers nutritious and healthy food — just like how we prepare our food and eat at home. This place is awesome. They don’t fry, grill or prepare their food at high temperatures — none of the cooking methods which produces carcinogens. They also leave out the oil and use little to no salt. And if they add oil, it’s not heated. There are signs above the food that lets you know what is in it and how it’s prepared. Bottom line, they understand good food combining, sprouting and soaking nuts and seeds, cooking food at low temperatures, wet cooking (steam or boil) only, and minimizing oils and salt. No restaurant does this, at least not all of this, and we just love and appreciate this about them. This is exactly how we cook and eat at home, so it’s nice to have this option when eating out.

Now on to the food. We ate there for lunch and really enjoyed what we had. There were plenty of options to choose from, but we chose based on our nutritional needs for the meal, as well as desires. Everything we chose on our plate were free from oil and salt. We were really happy about that and thought the food simple but really good.

Nick’s choice: mix potato mash with parsnip, mix greens and a steamed spinach dish that was similar to the Indian dish, saag.

I had mix greens, steamed broccoli and cauliflower, greek salad, mix potato mash with parsnip, and brown rice with a chickpea and pumpkin curry.

They also have a variety of desserts, mostly raw ones. Nick enjoyed a mango and coconut smoothie, while I tried a piece of their raw red berry cheesecake. It was delicious, and the berry sauce that came with it was a really nice touch.

Vantra is for the health conscious, or for those wanting to enjoy a healthy and guilt free meal. We will definitely be frequenting Vantra while we’re here. Check them out if you’re in the area and want something healthy and nutritious to eat.



5 thoughts on “London Vegan Food Highlight (Week 2): Vantra

  1. i just wish vantra wasn’t a cash only restaurant…that’s one reason why my preferred vegan buffet is ethos…where you can use a credit card…and where you can dine inside or outside with a view of the street scene…although ethos is a bit more expensive than vantra….also you might want to return to vantra some evening when it switches from the buffet to an a la carte menu…bon appetite!

    • True, but they’re not the only ones that are cash only. We’re surprised by how many places are still cash only, so we’ve been carrying cash here as well. I also agree about the location. I don’t like where it’s at. It feels so out of place. Outside is so congested and dirty, and then you have Vantra promoting healthy eating…when you step outside, it kind of ruins it when we’re blasted by cigarettes and car pollution. Ethos is on our list as well. We’ll probably be visiting them soon. Thanks for the info on Vantra’s a la carte menu. We’ll definitely go back for dinner next!

  2. one more buffet tip….check out the mai deli…it’s not soley vegan…but has many yummy vegan options in their buffet…it’s a few blocks north of marble arch in a lovely neighborhood…

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