Notting Hill London

Notting Hill is best known for its movie setting in the film Notting Hill with Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant and is one of London’s most iconic district. It’s not a surprise the area attracts many visitors to see the famous setting, but people come for the famous Portobello Road and Market as well. Aside from the market, the neighborhood also makes for a pleasant stroll to see Notting Hill’s charming and colorful homes.

Portobello Road Market is considered to be the world’s largest antique market and is really made up of several markets, with Saturday being its busiest day. We wanted to avoid the crowd of the market on Saturday, so we visited on a Sunday. It is by no means vacant, but it’s definitely less jammed with people.

We strolled through Portobello Road and visited Acklam Village Market, then wandered off the main drag to sightsee the homes of Notting Hill before heading into Chelsea and Kensington. The highlight of Acklam Village Market was the Sugardaddy Stand where they sell fresh pressed sugar cane juice. This was unexpected and we jumped on the opportunity to have some. While waiting in line, the stall next to the juice stand was blasting Notorious B.I.G. music, provoking head bopping all around. The guy playing the music also had a huge joint lit like incense, its strong scent wafting for all to smell.

Color pop of Notting Hill…

Can you guess what kind of car this is?
We were surprised to learn it is a Nissan — Nissan Pao to be exact.

Our saunter through the area made me want to re-watch Notting Hill again. It’s a charming neighborhood and worth a visit. If you’re visiting late August, Notting Hill hosts an annual carnival street party for two days. This year it will be held on August 28th and 29th, but we will be missing it because we won’t be around. Notting Hill Carnival is Europe’s largest street party. I’m sure it will be some party, and I envision it to be something like Mardis Gras. If you’ve been to the party before, or get a chance to partake in the event, let me know. I’d love to hear about it!



12 thoughts on “Notting Hill London

  1. It’s on my list going there during my stay in London!! Now I’ll keep this post in mind before going there! ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Yes I will! I saw so many pics and it’s seems such a nice place! I’ll be there September 24, my campus is at elephant and castle ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. hope you get a chance to return to portobello road on a weekday when the fruit and vegetable push cart vendors are set up on the road…so as not to miss the portobello mushroom vendor…or lovely old dolly who has been selling fruit there since 1939…or some of the talented street muscians….you are right about saturday being too crowded, but friday is a great day to experience this awesome retro ambiance…and under the bridge on the north end of the road is the original portobello wholefoods….and just beyond that the vegan falafel king cafe…and if you keep walking north to 284 portobello road, you can see the great graffiti artist dotmaster’s latest work…which was done a month ago when i was staying in an airbnb flat in that very building…love the photos of this neighborhood that i return to every chance i get…

      • the portobello wholefoods is not part of the corporate chain but a long time one of a kind original…next time take the tube to ladbroke grove….walk up lancaster road one block to portobello road…and then keep on going up the hill for one block to all saints road…where i lived for 5 months back in the day…it’s the hippest little 3 block street in notting hill with various interesting shops…if you’re on portobello road on any weekday other than thursday, you can see all the fruit and veggie vendors hawking from their push carts…please say hello the cheryl from this rollerblader…her fruit stand cart is set up on number #64 on the portobello road…enjoy!

  3. As if charming is putting it way too mildly. The interchanging colors of the houses is interesting. I mean, as if owners are forced not to paint the same color next to them. ๐Ÿ™‚ You captured the charm very well.

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