3 Days in Liverpool

We recently spent three days in Liverpool reliving Beatlemania. Although the trip was based around the Beatles, we did do other things in the city. This was a recovery trip from our nine days in Ireland. It was really low-key and relaxing, which is what we wanted out of the trip.

Over two hours by train from London, Liverpool is quite the opposite of The Old Smoke. Liverpool’s city center is small and walkable without having to use transportation. You can literally stay anywhere and walk the entire center. Chill and low-key, with a friendly vibe, Liverpool is far from the chaotic hustle and bustle of London. We appreciated the change of pace and took our time exploring the birthplace of The Beatles.

Here are the highlights of our days in Liverpool…

Day 1
We arrived to Liverpool about 11:30 AM and checked into our hotel at The Nadler in the Ropewalks section of city center. It was raining non-stop and we were feeling lazy, so the plan for this day was just to unwind, relax and eat good food.

With the downpour, we weren’t doing much sightseeing at first. First venture was out to lunch at Mowgli, a recommendation by a local vegan. Mowgli is an Indian restaurant that has a separate vegan menu. Nick and I ordered the same thing: Green Ginger and Rhubarb Dahl and Temple Dahl. Both dahls were amazing — so robust in flavor. Mowgli really impressed us. We can see why it’s so popular with everyone. We were glad to have taken the local’s advice, and I highly recommend Mowgli as well for vegans and non-vegans visiting the city.

Later on when the rain finally stopped and the sun came out, we did some sightseeing while learning about Liverpool’s history on the Auld City Shivers tour by Shiverpool. The tour is a combined history and ghost story tour of Liverpool, and it was the best humored production we experienced with our funny tour guides.

St. Nicholas Church, one of the stops on the tour.

The Strangled Pose with the Shiverpool Lads

Day 2
Although cold and breezy on day two, we were happy it didn’t rain. Our first visit was to Liverpool Cathedral. This Gothic Revival church was quite impressive in size. Just by looking at it from the outside we knew it had to be the largest in the UK, which it happens to be. It is also the fifth largest cathedral in the world.

The Beatles Story began after visiting Liverpool Cathedral. The museum is located at Albert Dock area, and The Beatles Story requires two days if you’re up for it. This main exhibition and first location is where we started at. We spent over three hours learning the Beatles Story and enjoyed every moment of it.

Day 3
The second Beatles exhibition was at the Pier Head and requires less time to go through the exhibition. It wasn’t as good as the first exhibition, but if time permits, it’s still worth seeing.

We noticed a cool statue of The Fab 4 outside of the exhibition.

Continuing our Beatlemania, we visited the Cavern Club where The Fab 4 performed 274 times at. This little club was a happening place during those days. Lots of people waited in line to get in and once they did, there were so many people that no one could move inside. With so many people crammed in at once, the club had to disinfect the joint daily. The place smelled of sweat, smoke, the toilet, and disinfectants. I can only imagine how bad it was, and during our visit we noticed how small it was and how dense the air was down there without the place even being jammed.

Tucked away in an alley on Matthew Street is the home of The Cavern Club.

The brick wall of The Cavern Club that has so many names on it. This wall lived through the times of Beatlemania and remains standing till today.

A guy covering The Beatles’ songs on the same stage where The Beatles performed. He was pretty good. We learned that every Saturday night The Cavern Club has a Beatles Tribute Band perform.

This wall was repainted, and Adele has earned a spot on the wall of performers.

The Cavern Club is a must-see to complete your Beatles Story. The place has a bunch of memorabilia, photos and videos of Paul McCartney’s performance at the club. For being such a small place and a hole-in-the-wall type of joint, other big stars also performed there in the past and present: Chuck Berry, Little Richard, The Rolling Stones, The Who, Pink Floyd, Rod Stewart, Oasis, and even Adele. This is just a small list, but the Cavern’s main draw was really The Beatles.

After concluding our Beatlemania we got lunch at the White Wolf Kitchen before heading back to London. This little vegan gem in the city was such a delight. A cute little space with a yoga studio, White Wolf is family run. They are newly opened and they seriously are the best all-vegan restaurant in the city.

Nick had the Azteca Wrap, which was a simple guacamole and black bean wrap. He enjoyed it very much and found it refreshing.

I had the Baked Falafel Wrap, which was mighty tasty and satisfying.

We both had our eyes on the homemade carrot cake. I had a feeling it was going to be scrumptious, and I was right, because it ended up being the best carrot cake we’ve ever had — so much so that we both had a second slice! It was moist and soft, and the icing was just a thin glaze that was tasty and not fattening like most other carrot cakes. I love carrot cake and it’s hard to come by a good one. This exceeded our expectations and I wish I could have more! This meal ended our trip on a very good note, and we headed back to London stuffed.

The best carrot cake ever! This picture doesn’t do it justice.

If you’re a museum lover or a Beatles fan, Liverpool is the place to visit. Though small, it has many museums for a small city. To see the whole city center only requires a day trip, but if you want to visit the museums you’ll need at least two days. Three days in Liverpool is probably the maximum time you’ll need. And the three days we spent there was pleasant. We enjoyed learning the city’s history, along with the Beatles Story.



17 thoughts on “3 Days in Liverpool

  1. love your pics from liverpool….i saw the same guy performing beatles songs at the cavern club as you did…he was pretty good…one can only imagine how smokey this place with no ventilation must have been back in the early sixties….it wasn’t easy to go down the five flights of stairs on rollerblades…did you go to the house that john lennon grew up in….it’s in the liverpool burbs….i regret not having enough time to go into the tate museum down by the mersey river…my grandmother was born in this cool little city…

  2. I spend a lot of time travelling to Liverpool for Football and all things Beatles…Did you visit the Child-hood homes of John and Paul (run by National Trust) very worth it…Unfortunatley I’ve completed all things Beatles now but love visiting the the City…

    • No, we didn’t know about their childhood homes. But perhaps next time if we visit again. Liverpool is a nice little place. We really enjoyed our time there. People are really nice as well.

  3. I’ll be spending a few days in Liverpool next month, to do research on a book I’m writing. I enjoyed reading about your stay and looking at your photographs. I’ve never been to Liverpool before and I’m excited about it. Will look up Mowgli!

  4. Wow! I am so happy I stumbled upon your post! I am a huge Beatles fan. A “Beatles trip” to Liverpool is one of my dream vacations. Love the photos – especially of the Cavern Club! Thank you for sharing your travel experience and suggestions!

    • Thanks for stopping by! You’ll definitely appreciate Liverpool as a Beatles fan. Unfortunately, that’s all the Beatles coverage I have on this blog, but I hope you’ll enjoy my other posts as well! 🙂

      • Thank you, Angie! I will have to let you know the day I do end up visiting Liverpool… it is my dream to visit there with my dad (also an avid Beatles fan). I am happy we are following each other! I look forward to seeing more of your travel posts 🙂

      • That’s great. I’m sure you will post the trip on the blog. 😉 Looking forward to your experience and your posts as well. Cheers, Angie.

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