(First) Rainy Outing in London

The weather in London has been nice lately. It has rained only a total of three times since we’ve been here. Last Saturday was the first day it rained while we were out. That being so, we mentally prepared ourselves for it. In a large city like The Old Smoke there are plenty of things to do indoors. We took advantage and spent our time inside the Natural History Museum exploring the Dinosaur and Human Evolution exhibitions.

Waiting in a drizzle outside the Natural History Museum. The long line almost deterred us, but we weren’t going to let it ruin our plan.

Dinosaur Exhibition

Meet Dippy, the Diplodocus herbivore.

Imagine running into this guy!

The first ever lower jaw of T. rex discovered.

Human Evolution

3.5-million-year-old Laetoli canine, the oldest hominin fossil in the museum’s collection.

Cheddar Man. Britain’s oldest complete skeleton from approximately 7150 BC. He was found in a cave at Cheddar Gorge, Somerset, England and appeared to have died a violent death. We noticed he had pretty good teeth, though!

If you haven’t been yet, London’s NHM is worth visiting; however, expect it to be busy and crowded, especially on a rainy day.

Afterwards, we walked over to Notting Hill area for dinner at Farmacy. Farmacy is an organic vegetarian/vegan restaurant. Newly opened, this place is quite popular. Their menu is quite impressive on paper. They have a variety of dishes to choose from and it took us a while to decide on something, but it all came down to the healthiest dishes on the menu. And even though this is vegetarian friendly, Farmacy’s only animal product used are eggs. The “cheese” they use are nut-based. Most of the dishes are actually vegan, with a small selection of vegetarian dishes.

I learned about how Farmacy’s shots are served in syringes and aside from reaping the benefits of the elixir, I couldn’t resist ordering one just to see the presentation. I had the Fire Starter, which was ginger, turmeric, cayenne, and lemon. It certainly started a fire down my pipe and belly!

For starters, we both ordered a side of steamed greens. Tasty, but our only gripe was that they added oil to it.

For the main course Nick ordered the Indian Bowl, which had a mix of lentils over sprouted brown rice. This bowl was really tasty, but they failed on thoroughly cooking the lentils. It came out as al dente and is a big no-no for us. Minus a point for that, but the dish was all organic and really delicious, and the coconut yogurt on top was the best yogurt we’ve had out.

My dish was the Chef’s Clean Curry. It resembles a Thai curry, a cross between a red and panang curry — really yummy in flavor and spicy as well. I really enjoyed the taste; however, not all of my vegetables were cooked, which in a curry dish it should be. Not a big deal for me, but it would have been nice if my carrots were cooked and if the mixed vegetables (pumpkin, aubergine, broccoli, and carrots) were evenly present.

Lastly, dessert was an absolute must. We had heard so many great things about their desserts, so I was excited to try something off the menu.

Nick had the scrumptious Apple Crumble with Coconut Ice Cream.

I had the Lemon Cheesecake Bowl, which I really enjoyed. This refreshing and tasting dessert was yummy. The bowl consists of raspberry mousse, lemon sorbet, lemon cheesecake cubes, and maple meringue over a bed of crumbled raw biscuits.

Overall our experience at Farmacy was a rating of 3.75 out of 5. Nick’s al dente lentils and the added oil to our steamed veggies really got to him, and my uncooked carrots in the curry was a little disappointing, but the overall dish was really good so I was able to get over it. The desserts were really good, but it was not as impressive as other desserts we’ve had elsewhere. In spite of Farmacy’s popularity, the place has an average rating of 3.5. People either hate it or love it. I would say we’re neutral and would still recommend it to others for a try.

And that ended our Saturday outing. We got a little soaked from the rain but had a good time at the Natural History Museum and enjoyed our food adventure at Farmacy.



4 thoughts on “(First) Rainy Outing in London

  1. next time in notting hill, give nama a try…their seaweed or kale salad with the raw artisan bread might elicit a higher rating from you….same goes for the aubergine dish and kale salad at redemption…did you get a chance to check out the planet organic just a couple blocks down the street from farmacy? hope you can make it back to portobello road on a weekday (other than thursday, friday being best) to see the street in fuller bloom than on a sunday…i envy you guys walking around london in the rain….wish i could do that here in LA…

    • Yes, we’ve been to the Planet Organic a few times now. That’s how we discovered Farmacy in the first place. It was actually fun walking in the rain. It beats being in the stuffy Tube.

      • i actually like the planet organic on tottenham court road better ’cause they have tables outside where you can eat and watch all the passersby…and it’s quite close to rawligion on tottenham street just around the corner from the goodge tube station…

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