Buckingham Palace and Tour of Britain

With a contrast to Saturday’s rain, Sunday was gorgeous. The sun was out, making it a perfect day for walking around. We didn’t have too much planned, except for a leisurely walk and plans on visiting Yorica and grabbing a burrito in central London. And while we waited for our appetites to kick in, we decided to visit the Queen’s House once again.

Buckingham Palace was flooded with tourists, quite a contrast from our first visit back in October 2009 when it was raining. There was no way I was going to get a nice clean shot of the palace gate and its surroundings, but I took it anyway.

Across from Buckingham Palace, St. James Park.

Afterwards, we walked over to Regent Street and watched the Tour of Britain. It was cool to see the cyclists in person rather than on-screen. They were so quick, and the group of them pedaling so close to one another is a little scary when you think about a possible crash. The pure speed, force and domino effect would not be so pretty if a crash happened. Luckily that didn’t occur, but we have seen horrible crashes on TV before and it literally made us cringe.

And that concludes last weekend. Pretty low-key, but just what we wanted.



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