Bath Day Trip

We recently had the pleasure spending a day in Bath. This small city 97 miles west of London is a World Heritage Site. It is known as a spa town because in 60 AD the Romans built baths and a temple in the valley of Avon River. Its natural hot spring was a hit back then. There were claims the thermal water had curing properties, and people of all ages came from all over to bathe in it. Today, Bath’s Georgian architecture and the remaining Roman Baths are the highlights of every visitor. Now a museum, this site of the original Roman-era Baths includes The Great Bath, statues and archaeological findings. These Roman Baths in Bath are the most preserved in the world, and it was amazing to see the remains of it after 2,000 years!

We caught the 8 AM train from London to Bath, arriving at 9:30 AM. From there we ate breakfast and went straight to the Roman Baths, spending about 3 hours on site.

Parade Garden

Bath Abbey

Above the Great Bath

The Roman Baths sit below the modern street level and there are four main features: the Sacred Spring, the Roman Temple, the Roman Bath House and findings from that era.

This is how the Roman Baths structure would have looked like. It was enormous and we had the pleasure to walk through its remains, through the courtyard, as well as exploring the main features.

The Great Bath is a massive pool, lined with lead and filled with hot spa water. It once stood in an enormous barrel-vaulted hall that rose to 40 meters. This was the largest building most Romans would have stepped foot in back then.

The Great Bath

One of the smaller baths

Some of the findings in the Roman Baths

The hot water in the Spring rises at a rate of 1.17 million liters a day at 46 degrees Celsius. The hot water was used to supply the baths.

The Hot Spring

The Roman Bathing routine did not use a lot of water. A visit to the Baths was a social thing, and both sexes bathed in the same area, except in very large establishments where they had two separate suites provided. No clothing was worn, but wooden sandals were necessary to protect their feet from the floor heating.

Despite being crowded in the Roman Baths, we had a great time seeing the baths and learning about it all. It truly is a must-see and is the highlight of Bath.

Afterwards, we ventured out of the touristy section of town and visited other areas of Bath before eating lunch at Beyond The Kale. This little cafe away from the main section of town is a little gem and was the highlight of our food adventure. It’s all organic and vegan and happens to be health-focused — which we really appreciated.

Nick had one of their specials, which was a Chili Bowl. He loved it and thought it was the best chili he’d ever had.

I wasn’t too hungry, so I ordered a light lunch of carrot and ginger salad with hummus and one of their specials — the baked pakora. This was very delicious! I’d really recommend Beyond The Kale when in Bath.

This trip was a pleasant and relaxing trip. We probably spent too much time in Bath, but we didn’t mind the break from London. With the time we had left before catching our train back to The Old Smoke, we did some more exploring and sightseeing.

The Riverside Walk before grabbing dinner and heading back to London.

If you have time to visit Bath, I’d highly recommend doing so!


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