Hampstead Village and Mildred’s

Hampstead Village in Northwest London is another charming part of The Old Smoke that’s less crowded with tourists. It is rich in history and filled with shops, restaurants and lovely homes. A nice mix of country and city, we happen to be neighbors with this lovely area. When we’re feeling lazy, we usually spend our time in Hampstead and Camden Town area instead of venturing out to other parts of London.

Recently, we sauntered through Hampstead’s residential en route to Hampstead Heath. The Heath is Hampstead’s big wooded park, with various walking trails. We like going on walks, and Hampstead Heath gave us plenty of grounds to do so.

This is my third time spotting a Nissan Figaro. We only learned of this cute convertible here in London. Other colors I’ve spotted were purple and mint green. I’d say red is my favorite.

MG. Nick likes the old versions better than the modern version. I’d have to agree with him after seeing the difference.

One of Hampstead’s many cute cottages. I particularly like the ones with white picket fences.

We discovered how Christmas cards got started.

After our walk, we headed southbound for Camden Town to dine at Mildred’s. This vegetarian/vegan restaurant is quite popular and has a couple of different branches in Soho and King’s Cross. The one in Camden Town is located on Jamestown Road, right by Camden Market.

We visited the restaurant for dinner for the first time and already had our minds set on their burrito dish. This one at Mildred’s turned out to be quite delicious and unique, making it on our favorite burrito list for London.

For dessert I went solo and ordered the Passionfruit Creme Caramel, which is basically like a flan. It was scrumptious, and I savored every bite.



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