London Vegan Food Highlight (Week 10): Tibits and Club Mexicana

I know I frequently add food in the mix with our travel or adventure posts, but it’s been a while since I’ve done just a food highlight post for London on its own. We are on week 10 now! It seems like our time here in The Old Smoke is going by so quick. I think it’s because we have so many things planned all the time and of course when you’re busy and having fun, time flies!

This week’s highlights are on Tibits and Club Mexicana.

This self-serve, vegetarian and vegan food place started in Zurich, Switzerland with various branches around there. London is the only other city outside of Switzerland where Tibits planted its seed in, and it’s quite a popular spot. Using high-quality and mostly organic ingredients, the food served is also very tasteful and delicious. They serve over 40 dishes and rotate through them daily, with some standard dishes offered all-year-round. On Tuesdays they serve 80% vegan food, so if you want the most vegan options, I would visit Tibits then.

Nick and I gathered a variety of items on our plate. I sampled different salads — all of them very good and the kale salad being my favorite. We both had the lentil dal, which was very yum. We enjoyed everything on our plate and the quality of the food is evident. Our only gripe is that the food is high in oil, but the taste and quality made us forget about the bad effects of refined oil for a bit. However, to the average person, this is not an issue.

Nick’s plate

My plate

We went light on the desserts. We each had more figs, which were extremely scrumptious. I had their Sticky Toffee Pudding, which was also amazing! I was swooning in my seat and wished I grabbed more than a sample serving, but I was saving room… I also grabbed the Mango Coconut Cake but saved it for the next day because we continued our feast for dessert at Yorica instead. Any chance we can have Yorica, you can bet we’ll go for it!

Overall, Tibits is pretty good. It’s pay-by-weight. We ended up paying 55 USD total for everything, so it can get pricey quick. I’d say Tibits is worth a try. The restaurant itself is nice and modern and is located in Mayfair area.

Club Mexicana
Club Mexicana is a new food stall in KERB Camden Market. It’s completely 100% vegan and serves burritos, nachos and tacos with a twist. In addition to the norm of having rice, beans and the works, the main ingredient is the pulled BBQ jackfruit. The flavor of the burrito is intense and spicy, so beware if you can’t handle any spice. The first time we had it, it was good, but the second time was even better! Check them out if you’re in the area. You don’t have to be vegan to enjoy this.

The pictures of the burrito does not do it justice. Believe me when I say it’s GOOD.



2 thoughts on “London Vegan Food Highlight (Week 10): Tibits and Club Mexicana

  1. Vegan food is fascinating. I have been doing a study in my kitchen, as I have too many food allergies and going completely plant based is my safest choice. I have been scouring blogs to find inspiration and was happy to find like minds. I’m partial to figs. Your food looks awesome. xo

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