Snowdonia, North Wales: Days 3 and 4

On our third and last day of being in Snowdonia, we did a more challenging and longer hike up Cadair Idris on day three, then visited the tallest waterfall, Pistyll Rhaeadr, in Wales and England at 240 feet on the last day.

Day 3: Cadair Idris
At first we contemplated whether we would hike Cadair Idris or Snowdon, which are both on the list of best and top hikes in Snowdonia, but we decided on Cadair Idris. We later learned from a local that Idris has the better views and happened to be more challenging. Without knowing so, we were happy with our selection. The hike up was great, a good workout with beautiful views. The ascent was vertical the entire way up, and the elevation gain was about 3,000 feet. When at the top, there were no tree lines blocking so we had a 360-degree view. It was both breathtaking and rewarding!

After parking at the car park, we walked beside this property to get to the trailhead. Cadair Idris is located in that direction behind the house.

On our way up. At this point we had already made some steep climbs.

At the top and beyond…

There is this shelter up at the summit. You can spend the night if you’d like, but it wouldn’t be too comfy as it would be bed-of-stones. Legend says that if you spend the night you’ll wake the mad poet and become one yourself.

On our descent, another reward as we caught sunset.

On my last post, I mentioned how dark it was where we stayed. There is no cell reception in the area, but there is a pay phone propped up out of nowhere. In daylight, the phone station looks a little out-of-place; but at night when it is lit up, it looks like something out of a sci-fi or horror movie.

Day 4: Pistyll Rhaeadr
If we had the time, we would have hiked from the barn to Pistyll Rhaeadr. But with the long drive back to London, we had to drive over to see the waterfall. The drive was windy, on narrow lanes, and then on single lanes at the last leg. It took forever, even though it was only a distance of 20 miles.

This concludes our time in Snowdonia. We had a blast and would love to return again someday to do all of the top hikes around there. This was definitely one of our favorite scenic trips!



4 thoughts on “Snowdonia, North Wales: Days 3 and 4

  1. love the waterfalls…and all the natural beauty…but for something totally different and supernatural, you might try the haunted tube express leaving from bethnal green at 7pm on october 19, 2016…the same night that most americans will be watching the horror show of the third trump v. clinton debate….

    • That sounds like fun. Have you been on it?
      Yes, ugh, the debate. Don’t know what to say about that horror show…or more like I have nothing nice to say, so I won’t say nothing at all. 😉

      • i have not been on the haunted tube express…going to highgate cemetary (not too far from hampstead heath) to see the gravesite and ghost of karl marx is more my speed…trump fancies himself another honest abe lincoln but he’s becoming a lot closer to bill cosby as more and more sexual assault accusers come forward to corroborate what trump himself said on the released access hollywood video about him being able to grope women because he’s a star…looks like the leaders of great britain, germany and the united states are all going to be women…so perhaps the world may yet be saved from all the mistakes the men have made…

      • The Highgate Cemetery is more like my thing too, but we’ll definitely be doing some Halloween fun stuff soon.
        Trump definitely has his issues, and he’s far from being like Lincoln.

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