Cambridge Day Trip

With an interest in exploring college campuses and its architecture, visiting Cambridge was a must for me. I knew Cambridge was medieval, but I didn’t realize the colleges that make up Cambridge were literally medieval-old.

Although Cambridge is known as a market town, it is dominated by colleges. The University of Cambridge dates back to the early 13th century. The scholars back then lived in private houses, then established communal hostels which became colleges. Now, the university is made up of 31 colleges — all governed by their own statutes and regulations.

The Round Church, visited by Bill Gates, Dalai Lama and Queen Victoria.

With limited time, we only toured 3 of the 31 colleges: King’s College, St. John’s College and Trinity College. What these colleges all have in common is that they have their own chapel and were founded in the 15th century. The campuses are all unique and beautiful in their own way, with manicured lawns and eye-catching architecture. And they sit along the Cam River, a popular place for punting.

King’s College

En route to King’s College Chapel.

After touring the chapel, we stepped outside to explore the rest of campus. The building you see ahead is of the chapel.

Punting on Cam River.

St. John’s College

Trinity College

Out of the three colleges, I think our favorite was St. John’s College, but all three were impressive in their own way. It was cool to finally see Cambridge in person, and it’s worth a visit. Just walking around the town is quite different from London. If you’re interested in a comprehensive tour, I suggest going on a guided University tour. We had missed our chance, but had we known about it sooner we would have done it to get a more intimate tour of Cambridge. Regardless, we enjoyed our exploration, and in a couple of weeks we’ll be visiting Oxford to finish off our college tour.



6 thoughts on “Cambridge Day Trip

  1. Hi Angie – I love Cambridge campus. I also visited Oxford many years ago. Thanks for sharing the photos. They bring back wonderful memories.

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