Eats at Vegfest London 2016

Last weekend was Vegfest London and we have been waiting for this event ever since our arrival. For us, Vegfest is an excuse for a day to binge out on the things we don’t normally eat, or things we don’t eat on a daily basis. With that in mind, I knew I would be somewhat out-of-control when it came to treats, though we did try to balance out the bad with healthier options. Nick actually did better than I did, because everything he ate was healthy. I can definitely do healthy when it comes to food choices, but when it comes to sweets I indulge!

This Vegfest is only the second one we’ve attended, and it is a lot better than the first one we experienced in Austin. It puts our first experience to shame. It was a bit overwhelming, but we were happy to have options. Below are the things we ate, sampled and bought at Vegfest.

Our first eating adventure started with Vegandishes, because they had options that best suited us. They are an online vegan company that delivers organic, home-cooked meals to your door. Nick went with what he normally eats, which was bean chili over brown rice. I tried something different: lasagne. I’ve only had raw vegan lasagnes, but never a cooked one. This one enticed me because it was not loaded with fake cheese, and it was low-fat. The makeup of the dish was simple and it was so flavorful with its tomato sauce. There was a little minced soy, but not so much. I didn’t mind it at all. So, what was the verdict of our dishes? We both enjoyed it very much. It was so yummy and exceeded our expectation.

My lasagne was pretty light, so afterwards I was on the prowl for something else. This ended when I spotted eye-catching baked goods. I forgot to look at the vendor’s name, but I knew I had to have one slice of their baked loaves of goodness. I grabbed me a slice of their tropical pudding loaf and it was so scrumptious. After that, I was indeed full.

We spent 3 hours at Vegfest and stayed until closing. And when that time came we had this impulse like we needed to hurry up and buy or sample as many things as we could. You can only eat so much, so I ended up buying some things for later and the following day.

I didn’t take pictures of everything I sampled, but I did take a picture of Sheese. I’ve seen this faux cheese brand from Scotland but never tried it. This is something I wouldn’t eat otherwise, but I figured a sample of a little cube would be nice to see how it tasted. I tried their cheddar jalapeno, and it was pretty tasty. It tasted like cheddar and it had a good kick to it. The only thing was that the texture was not the same as regular cheddar. Although yummy, this isn’t my thing.

The last thing we had before leaving the premise was an Acai bowl at Amazonia. This organic bowl of deliciousness was the healthiest treat there. We love Acai bowls, and any chance we can have it we surely will. This one we had at Vegfest was pretty spoon-licking good.

One other thing that caught my attention was the baked patty from Brownin, a Carribean food vendor. I grabbed their callaloo (spinach) and sweet corn patty, but I didn’t have this until later at home, where I enjoyed it with some steamed kale. The combo was really delicious, and the Carribean spices inside the patty were robust. I enjoyed it very much and regret not getting more.

Rubys of London is a bakery I’ve been waiting to try for so long. They don’t have a storefront, but they sell their baked goods at Greenwich Market. I couldn’t hold out until our visit, so I splurged and purchased a couple of their mini loaves (red velvet and apple and raspberry crumble) for later. Eaten over a two-day period, I have to say they were so good, and I can’t wait to visit them for more selections at the market.

I had a goal of trying a cupcake at Vegfest, but my purchase from Heart of Cupcake was kind of an impulse buy. I got excited and splurged because they looked so pretty. Unfortunately, this was my least favorite thing at Vegfest. I bought two cupcakes: maple pecan and pink lemonade. With this purchase were also pumpkin pie and strawberry and cream macarons. One bite of the macarons and they were so sugary that I ended up thrashing them all. The cupcakes were much better, but I chopped off the top part of the cupcakes because I didn’t care for the icing and the inedible decor that got all over the cake. Although I ended up wasting money on this purchase, I did enjoy the cake portion of the cupcake and was pleasantly surprised it was delicious and non-greasy.

And lastly, we are currently hooked on Beond’s bars, so we were excited to see Beond at Vegfest. These bars are all organic and are made with only dates, nuts and other fruits. They are the perfect snack bars, and we regret not buying more because they offered a much better deal than buying it at Whole Foods Market.

And that concludes our eats at Vegfest London 2016. We look forward to attending the Vegfest in Toronto in 2017, which happens to be the biggest one in North America.



One thought on “Eats at Vegfest London 2016

  1. Looks like some great food food served up 🙂

    I also wrote something about my pet peeves of commuting in London. Check it out at and let me know what you think!

    Happy blogging x

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