Vegan Dim Sum in London

Growing up, it was a tradition for my family and I to eat dim sum every Sunday morning. I always looked forward to it, then after some time the tradition stopped as I entered high school. However, eating dim sum became a brunch outing for some friends and I in college. It was a way to catch up and eat our favorites at dim sum. In recent years, though I’ve had red bean buns and dumplings in the vegan form, I technically haven’t had a ‘real’ dim sum feast in over 6 years until recently. Thanks to Loving Hut in Edgware, North London, we were able to have a dim sum feast. Loving Hut is a plant-based chain available throughout the world. Our first experience at Loving Hut wasn’t great, and that was in Chinatown Seattle. Our second experience was in Paris and that was better. It’s not our favorite place to go eat at, but we appreciate the option. And every Loving Hut is different based on the location. The one in North London caught our attention because of their dim sum menu, and I knew we would be trying it before we leave London.

Our recent dinner of dim sum was a tasty treat. We ordered vegetable dumplings, BBQ baos, glutinous rice lotus wraps with mushrooms, baby corn and chestnuts, and vegetable siu mai. Unfortunately they were out of the siu mai, so we did not get to try those.

The steamed dumplings were so delicious, and we opted out for plain tamari with fresh chopped chilli peppers to avoid the oily chilli sauce (see below) that came with the dish. We each ordered two plates of the dumplings, but could have easily devoured more.

The BBQ baos are made from organic soy. Besides from the texture, I couldn’t believe how similar it tastes to the real BBQ baos from the dim sum I used to eat back in the days. I was never actually a real big fan of the traditional BBQ baos because I never liked pork, so the vegan version suits me better. We each ordered our own tray of these, which comes with three. I could have easily eaten more!

The lotus wrap was our least favorite, but it was still good. We only ordered one tray of two wraps to share, but it was hearty and the perfect amount of food for us.

Out of the three things we had, our favorites were the dumplings and baos. The food was really tasty, and it was a nice treat. The restaurant does have a good dim sum menu with quite a variety, but we only stuck with the things we like. And what we like about the menu is that everything is steamed and is relatively low oil for eating out; however, it is higher in salt than we’d like. Regardless, we’ll surely return a couple of more times before leaving as I’d like to try the siu mai and dessert as well.

To my fellow vegans who are dim sum fans visiting London, now you know where to find it. Just hop on the Northern Line heading towards Edgware and get off at Edgware Station. The restaurant will be to the right and a minute’s walk from the station.



2 thoughts on “Vegan Dim Sum in London

    • It’s delicious, but the traditional kind can be unhealthy because of the grease and cholesterol. You tend to eat a lot of it, so loading up on plant-based dim sum is better than the traditional with animal products. I’ve made the baos at home before and they’re a bit of work, but worth it. Yum.

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