Sightseeing London

On a cold and gloomy day, we strolled the streets of London and did some sightseeing. I made up our own walking tour starting at St Paul’s Cathedral and ending at Westminster Abbey. Our time here is dwindling down soon, and this is the final sightseeing we’re doing.

St Paul’s Cathedral, East Central London
This massive cathedral is elaborate in the outside and inside. It was one of the filming locations for the movie Da Vinci Code.

An engagement photo shooting at the church, the bride-to-be and her red dress stood out and caught the attention of many. I love the dress, but I sympathized because it was really cold out. My hands were freezing and seizing up without gloves on, so it must have been tough standing out there without a jacket.

The next stop was to The Temple Church, but they were closed. This photo en route there is a shot of a court.

Thames River, Victoria Embankment, West Central London
There are two sphinxes and an obelisk on the Thames Embankment. The obelisk was transported from Alexandria and was abandoned after a storm. It was rescued later and erected in London in 1878.

The sphinxes were damaged from the bombings of the Great War, and those damages are still visible.

Iconic London
London Eye
Last time we visited the city, we rode the London Eye. It’s quite spacious up there and provides good views of the city. Out of all the ferris wheels we’ve been on, this one was my favorite.

Big Ben and House of Parliament, Westminster
The bridge to the Big Ben must be one of the busiest and touristy areas of London. Every one is in a frenzy, trying to capture a photo of London’s famous landmark. Even though we’ve seen the building many times, had pictures of it from previous visits, I couldn’t resist taking another photo of it.

Westminster Abbey
Last stop…end of tour.

With so much to see and do in London, I recommend to new visitors to plan and see things in chunks — as few as possible in one day to enjoy your time. If you’re sensitive and are health conscious, the congestion combined with heavy smoking and bad air quality of diesel fumes will dampen your sightseeing. It really is hard to breathe walking around here. Nevertheless, the Big Smoke has a myriad of things to do inside and outside. You can’t see everything in your visit, so you might as well pick and choose wisely on what you want to do and see.



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