Edinburgh: Days 3 and 4

The whole time we spent in Edinburgh was very low-key. The city itself isn’t that big. Walking everywhere was easy to do, and in the amount of time we spent there we were quite acquainted with the area. The last two days were even simpler than the previous two, and below are my highlights of days 3 and 4.

Day 3
Grassmarket Market
We visited the local outdoor market, Grassmarket, for the day. It’s a small market, with lots of food options. We even spotted some vegan options, but we had already eaten. Strolling through there did not take much time, but it attracted a crowd, with street singers making catchy tunes for all to hear.

Holyrood Palace and Holyrood Abbey
Holyrood Palace is Queen Elizabeth’s official residence in Scotland. She spends one week there during Holyrood Week, which is usually at the end of June to beginning of July. We toured the palace inside, but no pictures were allowed.

Attached to the palace is the ruin of Holyrood Abbey. The abbey was founded in 1128 by King David I, and although it is small, its medieval presence is still striking. We scoped the place out, then strolled the gardens.

Day 4
This last day was not a full day, but we had already explored the city to our hearts’ content. We made this last day mostly about eating, returning to our favorite spots.

Organic Delicious
Organic Delicious is an all organic vegetarian/vegan cafe in Morningside. It was our first time there, but we only went there to start our day off with fresh green juices. We would have eaten there as well, but Nick really wanted to return to Moon and Hare for waffles.

Moon and Hare
This organic, vegetarian and vegan cafe is the place to get vegan waffles, but they serve so much more than that: raw desserts, smoothies, baked goods, salads, wraps, hot dishes. This was our second visit, because they didn’t have the waffle concoction Nick wanted the first time and we had to return for it before leaving Edinburgh.

Brunch on last day
We both ordered waffles this day. Nick had the baked beans and coconut ‘bacon’. This tasted more like BBQ and really did it for Nick. He loved the baked beans, and the coconut chips were a nice touch.

I had the Sacco Waffle, which was a chickpea flour based waffle spiced with turmeric and cumin and topped with arugula, black olive tapenade, and tomatoes. This tasted way better than it looked and I really enjoyed it.

Lunch at Moon and Hare from previous day
Since I’m already sharing food pictures from Moon and Hare, I figured I’ll share our big lunch meal from the previous day as well.

I had their salad-of-the-day and a sweet waffle (blackberry and apple compote, bananas and coconut chips).

Nick had porridge with the same toppings I had on my waffle, and a black bean and veggie wrap.

The food was really good at Moon and Hare. It’s simple, healthy and delicious. I’m seriously craving waffles again just thinking about the food there.

Last Call
Last stroll through Bruntsfield before heading back to Old Town and Grassmarket to Pumpkin Brown for another treat.

Edinburgh was a nice visit and we hope to return to Scotland in the future. This trip was relaxing, a good getaway from London. And now that we’re done with Thanksgiving, we can look forward to Christmas and New Year.



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