Hyde Park Winter Wonderland

Darkness embraced the city and took sunlight away. We dove into the night and stepped out of Marble Arch Station, encroaching the Christmas realm. Winter Wonderland illuminated Hyde Park with holiday lights, and the bright ferris wheel lured us towards it. As we entered the biggest Christmas Market in London with a crowd of people, the smell of grilled sausages, foul meats, cigarettes, and sugar pervaded us.

Avoiding shoulder-bumps, we snaked through people and passed by Santa Land, the magical Ice Kingdom, the big Christmas tree, and the Haunted Mansion. Before our journey continued, I received a warm and fuzzy bear hug. I wanted to take him home with me but knew how arduous it would be to stuff him into our luggage. So instead, I said my goodbye and ignored my inner child calling for Teddy.

We stumbled across this roller coaster ride, reminding us of our time at Oktoberfest when we rode this exact one in Munich. Good times, yes. But in the cold winter temperature, we passed on the ride this time.

As we held our breath frequently, we walked towards Bavarian Village in search of pretzels, roasted chestnuts, and vegan currywurst. I felt like a fish out of water in a war zone, while searching for my targets. The battle lasted for three hours before we gave up our search for Heidi’s Kitchen — the place where vegan currywurst was promised. We never made it there through the big maze, so we settled on plain pretzels and roasted chestnuts.

Don’t be deceived by my smile. The small piece of chestnut I chipped off from the dry and over-roasted chestnut was not even close to appealing. After fighting to peel off a couple of chestnuts from its shell, I surrendered in frustration and threw the entire bag into the garbage. Disappointed, I felt robbed of our money and missed our time at the Christmas markets in Berlin where the chestnuts smelled appetizing and were warm and roasted perfectly. After this we made one last attempt to find Heidi’s Kitchen but failed. Our hunger steered us out of Winter Wonderland and into Planet Organic for a proper dinner.

Hyde Park Winter Wonderland is the Christmas Market to visit when in London during Christmas season. The event is so big, it’s like a hybrid of Oktoberfest and Christmas Market/carnival combined. You can literally spend hours here and lose track of time.



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