Royal Air Force Museum London

To those interested in planes, this post is for you. We recently visited the Royal Air Force Museum, where they house a variety of planes from World War One and World War Two.

First World War in Air
In this exhibit, the first World War aircraft are on display.

This is probably the slowest motorcycle invented. It’s like a powered bicycle.

Milestones of Flight
The Milestones of Flight exhibition displays the history of aviation. From early pioneer days before WWI, the Wright brothers completed the first flight ever in a powered aircraft. And through WWII to the modern age of flight, the exhibit showcases today’s jet engines.

This plane below is American made and is stealth technology. It is new and is going to replace all current fighter planes. And the UK has already ordered 100 of these planes.

Bomber Hall
The Bomber Hall shares the different bombers used in World War One to the machines used today.

This museum conveys how far we have come with aircraft. With modern planes and technology, it is easy to ignore the complexity and engineering of a plane. But even with the newest and best aircraft, mistakes are bound to happen — whether it be mechanical or human error. Every time I fly, I know it wreaks havoc on my health (from cosmic radiation) and I risk my life (from a crash caused from pilot error or mechanical problems), which is why we try to fly as little as possible even though we are traveling often. And after watching the movie Sully, we can only hope whoever is our pilot is like a Sully.



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