A Very Chocolatey New Year’s Eve

Happy New Year! I hope everyone had a great time celebrating or relaxing during the holidays. Nick and I had a fun but low-key New Year’s Eve. We wanted to avoid crowds and stay in during the evening, so we only ventured out during the day to watch the (new) Charlie and the Chocolate Factory musical. The show is now wrapping up in London, but it will start showing in Broadway late March. If you have a chance to watch it, do so! You’ll have a great time. We sure did. This musical is one of my favorites and Nick’s absolute favorite. The set and production were well-done and superb. We enjoyed it so much we craved for more and ended up rewatching the movie on New Year Day.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is showing at the Royal Drury Theater in Covent Garden. Just like London’s other theaters, this one is old but has its own character. As for the show, it was pretty identical to the movie, except for some minor changes and modern and local additions.

Unfortunately there were no chocolate bars to be bought at the show. It would have been cool to see a Wonka bar, but with all the bad ingredients we wouldn’t have eaten it anyway. Instead, we feasted on raw chocolates and toasted with hot chocolate to ring in the new year later that evening. It was very chocolatey scrumptious!

How did you ring in 2017?



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